Week’s Relief

Its been a heck of a week. A week of frustration.  A week of exhaustion.  A week that I felt like couldn’t wait for it to be over.. and then I would have a laugh until my side hurt that made the world go round again.
The day I went back to work last week, Miss Baker started with a stuffy head.  Parker and Jolie soon followed.  Jordan was next.. and then I was last.  My entire house has carried whatever head mess this is through yet another week.  Sleepless babies and exhausted parents shown proof by dark circles and irritability.  I’ve thought often this week and questioned myself every time.. Why didn’t I sleep more when I didn’t have kids?  w h a t was I doing with all my time and why didn’t I spend more of it napping?? 
A true mystery.  
The congestion has been unnerving..  Jordan has carried the Frida and saline in his back pocket for like 11 days just in case he needed it.  Remember when I talked about Baker going through a growth spurt a couple weeks ago?   Since then she hadn’t had a bottle and I didn’t even think or remember about that little life change of her’s when I prepared three 4-ounce bottles for her on my first day back at work.  That night she was up every hour.  
Wait.  What is happening.  Why is she waking every hour NOW when I have to be up in 37 minutes to get ready for work and actually look presentable.  You’ve been sleeping through the night since 5 weeks!!  Why are you doing this??
Night 2.. three.. night seven.  
Jordan and I were dying.  We realized that she as congested and assumed it would cause some issues sleeping as it does for anyone.. but her head has been clearing out, yet she is still waking on the hour.
I confided in a couple mama friends- picking their motherly wisdom apart trying to figure out what in the world could be the case for her sleepless nights and terrible napping during the day.
And then it clicked.  
She hungry.  She isn’t getting as much during the day as she was when she was nursing full time while I was at home, so she is making up for it at night.  
So, we bumped her bottles from 4 ounces to 6 ounces.  
Let the angles sing. 
So, theres that. 
 Other things.. besides chasing my tail?
These cutie girls.
Hey mama, whoook.  I put my pony tails (my little pony panties) on all by myself.  Yep.  I sure did, mama. 
(when leaning in to kiss her goodbye) Whoa.  Wait, wait, wait, mama.  Yuuu have whip gloss, mama?  No shug (sugar:kiss).  Yuu have whip gloss.
Thanks, Jolie Grace.
 Parker has been connected to my hip this last week. 
Making space in my lap to read Baker a book.
 ..and helping me make my coffee.
ALL the coffee.  And salted caramel mocha creamer.
The creamer is so much better IN my coffee than all over my sweat pants, socks, and my newly mopped tile floor.
Two words: toddler butterfingers.
 We welcomed Sophie to the family this week.  Baker finds her incredibly tasty and really funny when we make her squeak.  The twins find it to be even more funny to watch Baker gnaw her face off.  The baby things we forget about until they come full circle again.
Freaking cute.
 ..and then there is this.  I saw this delicious trail mix slash snack concoction on Jessica’s instagram about a week ago and I took a screenshot (creep) and decided to make it for the twins’ Halloween party this week.  More on that sweetness tomorrow!  
My room mom skills are on point..but no one cares.
But me. 
No one cared when they were all wearing matching pajamas either.
Totally fine.  Its Halloween in T-minus two days and t h e most amazing weekend is yet to come.
What are you being for Halloween??

October 29, 2015

  1. emily says:

    going back to work is tough! especially the second time around. i have to go back in december and i'm dreading leaving my two little girls! any tips for pumping back at work? even though it's my second time, the first time i was so not prepared to pump at work and failed miserably. glad to hear everyone is feeling better though! can't wait to see their sweet halloween costumes!

  2. Amy says:

    Adorable little ladies!

    Where do you find the salted caramel creamer? I need that in my life! 🙂

  3. Looks so similar to a snack mix I just made! BUT with mini oreos??! I must add those!

  4. Emily says:

    OMG I want that snack mix. Let me get this straight: mini oreos, pretzels, M&Ms, goldfish… anything I'm missing? Is there anything healthy in there that I can call it acceptable for mama to munch on? Haha.

  5. Krcat says:

    Hi Amber! I love your blog and have been following for a while. I also have twin girls (7 months old) and an almost 2 1/2 year old so I can relate to soooo many of your posts. Where did you get the daddy's donut date t shirt on Parker and Jolie? I need that for my daughter! Thanks!! Krista

  6. amber says:

    Hey Krista! Tees are from http://www.wakemeupdesigns.com. They are the best, aren't they?! 🙂

  7. Krcat says:

    Thanks Amber! I love all the tees that you have for the girls! I am going to order the "best friends forever" raglan tees you had one one of your posts too…they are perfect for my girls! Krista

  8. Katie Daniel says:

    Hi Amber! I have a pumping question for you (especially since my kids NEVER sleep!!). When you increased her bottles from 4 – 6 oz., did you start supplementing? Or pump more during the day? Or just have extra milk? Or what? I've thought of trying to increase my supply, but always worry that's going to make me have too much milk on the weekends when I'm home… Just curious what you had figured out that was working for you… Thanks, Katie