Halloween 2015

f r i d a y
This weekend there were so many firsts, and not just for the little miss Baker Bree. 
Friday we kicked off the Halloween festivities right with carving pumpkins.  Parker and Jolie have never carved pumpkins..and to be honest, Jordan and I have never carved a pumpkin together.  Ever.  While we were getting ready to carve that realization came upon the both of us around the same time.. this was sort of exciting to be experiencing this first as a family.  
 The twins kept sticking their face in the pumpkin and pulling away saying ‘kunkin staaaanks!!’
Simple solution, girlfriend..quit putting your face into it.  
They were almost terrified about touching it, until daddy convinced them to help.  Parker was first and the excited squeals came so Jolie, of course, wanted her turn!
 Princess Jolie getting her hands dirty
 Their faces say it all!  I loved doing this with them!
 After a quick pinterest search for easy ideas for Jack’s face, we decided on this- and it was perfect!  
 Friday night we headed over to Auntie and Uncle J’s house for Supper Club, and of course Auntie never fails to spoils our kiddos.  
Frankenstien + Witches + and our little baby Punkin’s 
The glow in the dark masks were almost as big of a hit as the buckets-o-candy the babes helped themselves to before dinner.
YOLO, my friends.  
Miss Parker talks about Uncle J’s guitar nearly everyday.  She was smitten and nearly had a stoke when he pulled it out to sing a little tune.  Front and center ready to belt a tune right along with him.
Memories made like these make it hard to believe how many years have spent together as a group.
Baby number EIGHT will be here in t-minue t w o days.  
 h a l l o w e e n 
It rained and rained for two days leading up to halloween and of course I spent too much time watching the weather channel to make sure it would be dry enough to trick or treat.
Finally the rain let up- and we got dressed!
TMNT .. the girl versions as best this mama could make them.
crowns // masks // onesies // tutus // moccs 
 Shout out to Golden Hill Designs for making my Ninja Turtle visions come to life.  I was on a desperate search for the perfect lime green leotard and continued to come up with n o t h i n g.  Enter these sweet girls and completely rocked it out.     
 One billion photos later, it was time to trick or treat!  Parker and Jolie were bouncing off the walls.  We had been explaining the entire concept to them over and over for like a month.. hyping them up on TMNT tutus and candy, candy, candy! 
 We had a handful of little friends, BB+Papa, and Andrea and Sonny tag along with us, and we loved having the extra help in shouting TRICK OR TREAT!  I swear they had the trick or treating skills down after that first house.  I was so impressed with the excitement and understand of it all.  The girls were hilarious!  Parker would watch the person put one piece of candy in her bucket and then look up innocently as if to say.. ‘thats it?‘  It took everything I had to encourage Jolie NOT to plop down right there in the driveway of each house to open up her most recent candy score.
The Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood, Donatello, Leonardo.. and their lame mama.  Jordan refuses to dress up- but I got away with TMNT t-shirts, anyway:)
 We ran from house to house until dark- working up a real appetite!  We came home and threw some burgers on the grill, poured the apple cider sangria and turned on the television to whatever college football game was on.  The grub was relish and the company was even better.
the kiddo table
Parker, Jolie, Blake, + Giana   
 One half of the adult table.  Andrea and myself.. and the husband approved t-shirt.
I was terrible at getting pictures of the non-children.
 Baker was getting her fair share of love from everyone.  Such a ham, this little girl!
The sugar crash was hard and bedtime was late.  After the guests left, it took everything I had to peel myself off the couch and into my bed for the night.  Such a busy day!
 s u n d a y
I would love to say that my girls took advantage of the time change and slept in the extra hour, but that would be a lie.  We were all up by 6am.  
Church + lunch + groceries
Another busy day, but thankfully we were all in decent spirits from the late night before.  
Such a great weekend with these TMNT girls, my sweet hubby, family and friends.  
I hope you all had an amazing Halloween! 
I am sad to see this fun, fun weekend go, but hellllooo its officially the holiday season!
Happy November!! 

November 2, 2015

  1. Karra says:

    How you get such amazing pictures of all THREE girls is amazing. I struggle with two haha.. and those masks–ADORABLE! Sounds like the best Halloween evening!

  2. Their little faces just make my heart melt, I can only imagine what they do to you and Jordan. I absolutely love the costumes, TMNT, what a fun idea. Paker and Jolie were rocking it this year. Although I did love their Belle and Snow White dresses, these are just too cute. Miss Baker looked adorable, but that's nothing new, all your little's are just the sweetest things since iced tea! Happy Halloween to your family of five, what a fun way to kick off the Fall with your PB&J Babes!

    Megan R Richards

  3. Such precious pictures of everyone in their costumes!

  4. Ah! Those costumes are adorable. Glad you all had a fun Halloween!