weekend snaps

after almost two weeks of passing whatever junk thats going around between me and the trio of little ladies in our house- we were all on the semi-mend towards the end of this last week.  Jordan basically worked all weekend (thurs+fri+sun) and now on monday I am completely wiped- but I happily report that we all survived.  me and the babes started this weekend with laundry piled up to our ears and then supper club on friday night hosted by Auntie + Uncle J.  Ashley is from Chicago and has a ton of family that still lives there and she visits often.  for supper club this month she shipped in the famous Portillo’s for all of us in Texas to enjoy.  GOODNESS- it was delicious!  she and I share the serious love of sandwiches.  so, while I know everyone loved the meal, I was most excited about dinner!   
you know we couldnt get the bay + gray together without a little photo action.  
#bakerlovesgrayson but G couldn’t figure out while this chick wouldn’t stop grabbing his face!  
 Uncle J was in charge of the homemade onion rings! 
 ..look at these shenanigans! so much has changed in the last 5 years!  and ANOTHER sweet baby will be here at the end of the summer and the girls will continue to rule to roost with the addition of baby girl Cabrera.  
 saturday was a f u l l day.  Jordan came home that morning (clicking my heels in excitement!) and we quickly headed out for brunch with Jordan’s parents and aunt Jenny visiting from Seattle.  it was SO good to see her and she finally got to meet our Baker girl.  we went from there to a birthday party to celebrate miss elliott rose turning two years old!  and then straight from there we went to church and out for burgers with friends.  

 Sunday, Jordan was back to work and I was once again solo with the babes. me and the girls ran a boat load of errands, skipped naps and instead took the longest bath that sailed us straight through the afternoon and into dinnertime.  I woke yesterday morning really wishing I didn’t have to ‘mom’.  it had been a really long weekend and on top of still feeling just ‘blah’ I really just needed a nap.  I cried/whined/complained through the thought of having to take on all three of them at Target.  it was me + my grocery list against them.. but nothing a dozen donut holes for them and a starbucks run (or two.. I couldn’t manage our time out without a second venti cup-o-jo) for me couldn’t offer enough energy for.  

ultimately it ended up being an okay day- it really is all about my attitude and once my attitude took a 180 turn they seemed to be in better spirits, too.  I swear they can smell fear and frustration.
I hope you all had a great weekend!  our week is going to be a busy one!  we have some exciting things going on around here we are prepping for.. our favorite gent celebrates his birthday + and I head of to hope spoken for the weekend and I cannot wait!  here’s to a fabulous start to this week.. with a nap. xo!  

February 29, 2016

  1. emily says:

    weekends on your own are exhausting! my husband works at topgolf and ends up working most fri, sat & sun nights. no fun! but at least you started your weekend off right with portillos!! i'm from chicago and there is a portillos right across the street from the hospital where i delivered my babes. so after every monthly prenatal appointment, we'd head to portillos for dinner 🙂 enjoy your week and glad everyone is on the mend!

  2. It is amazing how much my attitude affects my girls. There is a lot of praying on those days I'm not in the mood to "mom it". 🙂

  3. Kristina says:

    Moming alone AND being sick is the hardest and worst. You rock for sticking it out like a champ! Looks like it was still a super fun weekend. That conference looks amazing – hope it's a great time!

  4. What a fun-filled weekend you had!! Your daughter is really very sweet. My daughter will turn 5 soon and just booked a local venue NYC for her birthday bash. Just looking for a suitable theme for her party now which she must like.