thirty four things..

..on his thirty fourth birthday.
1.  my dreamer.  he dreams big enough for both of us and all three of our girls.  I love his ideas and his desires and hopes and dreams for our family.  it is crystal clear that we are number one.
2.  he cannot do anything without thinking it all the way through.  the complete opposite of myself.
3. he loves to hunt.  some of his greatest memories are pheasant hunting with his dad and other men of his family.  he told me while we were dating that we couldn’t get married between the months of November and March.. because he couldn’t promise to be home on our anniversary.
4.  he is the keeper of all trash things.  I’m pretty sure we have the box that my very first iPhone came in 7 years ago. you never know- we might just need it one day.  don’t even get me started on the piles of receipts he stows.
5.  for his 24th birthday his mom bought him a lamp.  she never lived that one down.     
6.  he’s just like his mother.
7. ..and calls his father his best friend.

 8.  could eat grilled chicken, brown rice, and broccoli for every.single.meal.
9. he has a severe sweet tooth and has passed that trait onto Parker Jane.
10.  ice cream.. the boy is serious about some ice cream.  I’ve witnessed him get very stern with the tweenie bopper behind the counter at dairy queen because he didn’t get his blizzard right.  I have also seen him take note of the girl that made it correctly and requests her when we drive thru. 
11.  he is ridiculous at math.  does algebra off the top of his head and calculus without a calculator. 
12.  he wants to become a bee keeper when he grows up.
13.  he is a great cook.  cooking at the fire house has taught him well.
14.  he loves the Bachelor/Bachelorette.. but Bachelor in Paradise his among his favorite shows of all time.
 15.  he loves craft beer.
16. for his bachelor party at the mature age of 23, a bunch of the guys from the fire station took him on a deep sea fishing trip.  they ordered a round of the darkest beer on tap but Jordan really wished so badly to have a strawberry daiquiri instead. 
17.  he’s a talker.  you get him going about something he’s passionate about you better get comfortable because you’ve opened that can of worms.
18.  if it comes from Apple he’s into it.  he’s the guy that actually watches the hours upon hours of the Apple press release when a new version is coming out. such a nerd. 

19.  he loves to help people.  a heart of absolute gold.  he is really good at his job because of it.
20. he lives to learn.  reading books, articles, journals, you name it.  youtube has recently become frequent.. like the time he learned to french braid.  Jolie appreciates it.
21.  he used to wear glasses + contacts until about 13 years ago- he had lasik and still tells me to this day it was the best money he ever spent.
22.  I met Jordan at one of my basketball games during my sophomore year of high school.  he was there with his buddy and I was totally into his buddy.  I was 15 years old.
23.  also when I was 15 years old, Jordan took me to get my belly button pierced. 
24. while we are on the topic of piercing.. the first time I met Jordan he had bleached white hair (not blonde.  not, legit white) and his eyebrow was pierced. 
25.  when I was sixteen I went to church camp for the first time as a student and Jordan went as a camp counselor.  on the second night of camp I prayed with Jordan to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  its so funny God’s great plan for our life and looking back He was already laying the ground work for Jordan’s leadership in our future together.   
26.  he is surrounded by estrogen in this house- including the female dogs.. but he proudly boasts that we have a male beta fish.    
27.  while in college and testing for the fire department he worked as a sonic car hop.  roller blades instead of roller skates made the job cooler.
28.  he saved an entire family from a burning building.
29.  he also saved a kitten from a tree..
30.  ..and has been on over 40 successful CPR calls.
31.  he sews and irons and does most all of the laundry.  
32.  he mows the lawn in flip flops and on any given summer afternoon you can hear Jordan Fort Massey belting a tune to Randy Jackson or Jeremy Camp while he works in the yard.
33.  he will never ever ever ever grow up.  the most obnoxious things come out of his mouth and I cannot help but laugh.  I suppose thats life in the firehouse. and life at home with a firehouse dweller.
34. the most important people in his world are (no.1: Jesus; no.2: his wife; no.3: his precious girls).
happy birthday, my love.

March 3, 2016

  1. Crisp Snaps says:

    This is so sweet! Happy Birthday, Jordan!

  2. Jared H says:

    He also was a part of the developing of one of the manliest handshakes ever conceived in the history of mankind….he was a heck of a guy then, why should anything change? Happy birthday Jordan!!

  3. Lara Brown says:

    That was such a sweet post. What an awesome man to lead your family! Happy Birthday Jordan!

  4. You guys are adorable!! ??

  5. Kristina says:

    Love it. Hope he had a great day!

  6. Bitzsoi says:

    Happy belated birthday, Jordan! I hope it was a good one for him!