weekend shenaniganz with honey + dude

this weekend we had four kiddos.  
not THAT much more crazy than three.  except there is one extra of everything.. and the questions surrounding a ‘second set of twins’ throughout the weekend’s entirety that was somewhat comical.
“we are just babysitting..”
“oh, well then you have all girls!  you should try for a boy!”
thank you.  thank you very much, stranger:)

we picked up baby G on friday evening and he stayed with us until the afternoon on Sunday and we had a great time!  the twins have spent days upon days with their Auntie and Uncle J, so our time to return the baby love was long overdue!
Saturday morning when the twins woke to this sweet boy sitting in the living room, it was like they had never seen a baby before.  they ADORE Grayson- and for good reason!  he’s so so sweet.
we loaded up for and early morning- Easter weekend had us with many plans to fill an the first stop was our town’s egg hunt at the high school.
my little bunnies (who were mistaken for kitty cats for the rest of the day..) ready to do some egg hunting!  they were all about that candy!  
 we busted out the double stroller.. its been awhile:)
after we grabbed lunch on the patio – the weather was amazing – we headed home for a pit stop.. meal time for the babies!! 
 ..and then we loaded up again!  the weather was too nice to miss out on, so we headed up to the park for the evening and let the big girls run off some of that jelly bean induced energy.

 home for dinner and baths.  after spending the entire day with Grayson and Baker- who are just three days apart.. the fact that Grayson is an only child and Baker is not became apparent.
Baker has zero sense of personal space.  She’s had a big kid in her face since the day she was born, so it was only natural for her to be all over Grayson.  
touching his face, stealing his pacifier, laying a few slobbery sugars on his noggin..
little buddy wasn’t sure what to think about it all!
it was such a fun weekend.  I loved having this little man in the house, and I know the twins and Baker Bree loved it, too!  the moment we dropped him off the chatter from the backseat began- asking where’s Grayson? and why isn’t he coming home with us!?  
so many more years to come of our kiddos growing and changing and playing together.
I cant wait!

March 29, 2016


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