five on friday

one. baker bree.
we are in official countdown mode to Baker’s first birthday and we had her birthday photoshoot this week.  you never know how things like this will go.  I mean, I don’t mind outfit changes and CAKE, but my 11 month old might be singing a different tune.  but alas- she did so good! being her happy little self through the entire thing- sweet as can be.  I cannot believe how fast this year went!  and while I wish her to stay little, says every mama, I love every new stage with her.  
she just keeps getting better!
 two. twin cuddles.
these two.  they have been SO lovey lately with one another.  their bond has always been great, but lately its like they don’t want to be apart at all.  they have only slept together a handful of times- mainly because they are both dramatic sleepers.. I cant tell you how many times I have picked up Jolie off the floor in the middle of the night!  one night this week I took a peek in on them before I went to bed and here they were.  my heart!  I just cant. 
 three. babies!!
we have a large tv hanging in our outdoor living area and a few months back we noticed a bird making a nest behind it. well, this week that nest fell.  when we came upon it there were five tiny birds snuggles together- they didnt even have feathers yet!  of course I freaked out about touching/messing with it because I definitely wanted to mother to return, but Jordan had a grand plan.  he moved the nest, fully intact to a 5 gallon bucket.. laid it on its side and strapped it to a table thats sitting up against our dinette window.  I was distraught thinking there was no way the mama bird was going to find it, but sure enough she’s been back and forth all day long since we moved it.  I can hear her now chirping away in that bucket with her babies.
how sweet are they?!  
 four. homemade ice cream!
one of Jordan’s favorite FAVORITE things to do during the summer is make homemade ice cream.  we bought a $20 maker from walmart years ago and make it nearly every weekend through August. this weekend we broke out the maker and made cookies and cream!  we got the recipe from Jordan’s aunt Veeca, but you can find recipes all over pinterest, I’m sure!
this time we made cookie and cream, but we mix and match and have made butterfinger, strawberry, real vanilla bean, peach, banana- nearly any fruit and candy.  you name it!
its so rich and basically soupy in the 100+ degree weather, but its perfect if we let it sit in the freezer for an hour or two before serving.. if we cant wait that long sometimes that means we are making milkshakes and eating with straws:)   
 Cookies + Cream Ice Cream
    (1.5gal container)
-6 eggs
-4 cups sugar
-3/4 teaspoon salt
-1-2 tablespoons vanilla 
-large heavy whipping cream
-half & half (or whole milk)
-double stuffed oreos
   beat eggs seperately in a large bowl, preferably with a pour spout. after beating eggs, slowly add sugar as you continue to use mixer. then add salt, vanilla, and whipping cream. add enough half & half (or whole milk) to fill up the ice cream container. after mixing, pour into maker container. put on lid and cover with rock salt and ice. After about 20-25 minutes of running time, add the chopped/crushed oreos into ice cream!   
a few things to note.. I put the crushed Oreos into the freezer prior to them going in. we have a one gallon maker so I reduce recipe accordingly! 

five. snapchat.  
I have no idea what I am doing but I made the leap and got myself an account.  
follow along pbjbabes!  I’m still getting used to the whole thing, and half the time I’m confused but I think I am figuring it out. 
snapchat is worth it enough for the filters anyway- ha!  can my eyes always look this dreamy?! the twins have been dying over the fun face filters and we have cracked up to tears with all the silly faces.
on a completely random note.. this mama bear tee is the SOFTEST I have ever worn.  I have been living in it for four days.  don’t judge me- I am wearing the unisex small.
other fun things from this week.. 
don’t forget to check out my special pricing for your own POGO pass!  
read about it HERE!  we have big plans with our passes this summer!
did you see my JORD watch giveaway?  the are offering $75 to one lucky reader, but everyone gets $20 for entering the giveaway, anyway!  check it out, HERE!
AND the winner of the r+f giveaway??  Lara Brown!  yippee!  read about my experience with r+f HERE
I meal planned this morning for this next week.. want to know what we are having?
monday // chicken + wild rice casserole + roasted green beans 
tuesday // slow cooker shredded beef sandwiches + apple slaw + roasted sweet potatoes
wednesday // egg tacos (scrambled + cheese + tomato salsa) + turkey bacon
thursday // chicken pesto kabobs + grilled zucchini + squash
friday // grilled filet + shrimp + roasted sweet potatoes + brussels sprouts
happy friday, peeps!! 

June 24, 2016

  1. I can't believe Baker is almost one!! And I'm right there with you… NOTHING makes me feel older than SnapChat because I have no idea the point

  2. I added you on snap chat ☺️ I'm Vee_ward
    It takes a little to get used to it.. But it's fun!!

  3. I have a feeling I'm going to look just as forward to your snaps as I do your blog posts! 🙂
    And Baker almost one?! Tell me it isn't so. 🙂

  4. Tola says:

    Aww your family is so beautiful, if you don't mind me asking where did you get the girls stripped bathing suits?