life lately | summer is here

well.  its official.  summer is here!! 
this year has been the firs year that I actually feel like its summer. I don’t know if it is because the twins let out for preschool and they are home all the time now, or if this amazing weather has arrived (goooodbye rain!) and we have basically lived at the pool for the last 5 days straight.  it could also be because I have been home a lot more lately.  there has been a recent shift in my job status, and while I am still working, its much less than before- and if I’m being honest, I am absolutely loving it.  stretching myself thin to fit it all in was taking a toll and the weight of letting it go has been the greatest relief.  I went back to my roots and took a job in a hospital near our house.. covering mostly the ICU seeing ill patients and I’ve also picked up the NICU as well when I’m needed.  its been a learning experience since I’ve been out of the clinical setting for almost 4 years, but I’m SO glad to be back!
back and feeling like my life is getting back in order and the joy of going to work is there again.  anyone with me on that feeling?  there is a lot of unknown for us, but Jordan and I both have a great peace about it all.  
SO with that..  summer.  you’re HERE and we LOVE you!! 
get ready for a whole lotta baby-suit SPAM..
we kicked off the sunny weather last weekend and met our supper club friends for a potluck lunch by the pool.  we were all so fearful we would get rained out, but the sun was shining!

 boys. being boys.. and Jordan instigating every bit of it.

we alllllmost got the baby shot.
I was honestly somewhat anxious of the idea of taking Baker to the pool this summer.  not because I didn’t want my sweet Baker girl to get the chance to play with the big girls, but because she is so busy and I didn’t want her to.. 
A.) play play play and then be over it in 15 minutes.
and 2.) literally have me chasing her everywhere.  making it impossible to take the girls solo if daddy was at the fire station or something. 
WELL. homegirl proved me wrong and shot down every ounce of anxiety there ever was.  
its official.  we have a water baby
our pool has a really large area thats just 4 inches deep.  so Baker plays her little heart out!
toddle, toddle
face plant
toddle, toddle
face plant
never missing a beat!!
 buckets and barbies. 
.and painting the sidewalk with water.  
 snacks with friends!
we have spent HOURS at the pool.  the walk home is so quiet- all my girls are worn out.
the evenings have looked a lot like this..

she screams DOG any time she walks by a window.. but only loves her from a distance.

last night we met for a picnic dinner with BB + Papa at their neighborhood’s pool.

once again… Baker provided us with endless amounts of entertainment.  ever seen those kids at the splash pad? apparently Baker learns quickly..  I was DYING.
tears.  rolling.  
flower bow // ruffle suit (similar)

dinner!!  having a picnic by the pool was the most fun we have had all week!
definitely NOT on my camp gladiator diet.  
one might call this the cheat meal. 
I’ve been eating cheetos on my sammich since I was in high school! I texted this picture to my sister in law because she’s the one, our sophomore year, that introduced me to this amazing combination.  

oh my GOODNESS it has been just an amazing week..and its only Wednesday.  we have literally spent the last three days playing at the pool, evenings on the patio and dinner courtesy of the grill.
summer.  you are awesome.

June 8, 2016

  1. So fun! Quick question: what is your go-to sunscreen for the babes?

  2. So fun! Can you share your favorite summer/grill recipes? 🙂

  3. So jeally that y'all can enjoy the pool, Katy has been nothing but rain and flooding! I'm sooo ready to get into the pool, my preggo belly needs some cool water with this Texas heat.