rough riders | summer fun + POGO pass

friday night we took the girls to their first baseball game!  we met up with our sweet supper club friends (with 9 kids under 5 in tow + one in the womb) and headed out to the home stadium of our local minor league team- the rough riders.  every time we get together as a group, the babes play baseball (hitting the ball off the tee and playing catch) with Chris (Jacob’s dad), so everyone was PUMPED to go to a real baseball game.  plus, any excuse to all get together is a win for the adults, too! And much to our surprise.. having that many children in one contained space at the same time wasn’t as bad as you might think.  I’m sure the people sitting around us would agree as well:)
when we walked in the big girls could hardly contain themselves. the ball park is gorgeous and semi-new, family friendly, and easy to navigate.  so all the fun activities for them to do (including a giant play area for when we got fidgety in our seats..) was just perfect.
those braids!  mom tried her hand at the double french and I did good if I do say so myself. 

 the dad’s took all the kiddos to the lawn side of the field and then to the large play area, while the girls stayed back with the babies- talked about mom things and drank beer:)
 Baker and her Boyfriend.  that will never get old or annoying. us anyway.  
 she’s a complete nut and I’m not totally sure Grayson appreciates the fish hook.
almost to say- look here bro, lets just get this picture over with! 
 it’s clear as day which sister Grayson prefers.  he kept leaning in for a sugar over and over again!  engaging Parker with a ton of baby giggles and had all of us dying. 
Parker doesnt mind.
 my sweet girl.  she was so good and quiet and watched the game intently.  
and loved the hotdog in a bun experience. 
first time for everything! 
 Baker was really into my chicken and fries.
with ketchup.  girl discovered the glories of dipping ketchup that night. 
 to me thats the best part about the ballpark.  all the food.  
Baker agrees.
 there were fireworks at the end of the game, and we were all ready to head out so we packed up and got to the car right before the show started.  we tend to bring a change of pajamas when we plan to be out late, so while we changed the girls into their pajamas, they watched the fireworks show from the backend of the car- we had the best seat in the house!  the girls totally didn’t remember a single thing about the fireworks they saw last year over the Fourth of July.  they were terrified and clinging for dear life the first few minutes and then eased up and started to scream out colors as the fireworks exploded in the sky.  
man I love sharing these experiences with my babies. 
as we headed home, the girls were all group texting about what a fun time it was, exchanging pictures and trying to figure out another time to do this again!  even though all our kids are young, this was perfect summer fun for their age- and really affordable when we have to think about paying for two little bodies to get into venues these days.  I was introduced to POGO pass last month and have been SO pleased with how easy it is to use- we just walked right up to the ballpark entrance and they scanned our passes just as you would scan a purchased ticket!
POGO pass is a year long, family based entertainment pass, that gets pass holders into some of the best venues in DFW (there are also passes available for Austin, San Antonio, Phoenix. and Las Vegas) like, Rough Riders games, Hawaiian Falls, Ft. Worth Zoo, TX Discovery Gardens, and Urban air just to name a few. we have plans to hang out at the Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park this week and I cant wait for the girls to see those giant sea turtles!
so.  here’s the deal. 
the pass is $124.95, however use my special discount code PBJBABES or click HERE for 
60% off the cost of the pass. 
this makes the pass $49.98..which is an awesome deal for all the stuff thats included.  
we’ve got a summer full of fun things planned- including another rough riders game!  
some things to know.. one pass is good for one person.  most of these places have a 2 and under or 3 and under get in free, so we actually have 4 passes to have completely free entry into these venues.  other things.. the DFW pass is not valid outside of DFW (we couldn’t use it in San Antonio or Austin, for example.)

June 20, 2016

  1. I hadn't heard about the Pogo Pass either but am so excited to try it out. So many fun things. My kids are 2 and 4 so do I only need to purchase 3 of them assuming the 2 year old will be free?

  2. Kelly Denise says:

    What a fun weekend y'all had . Went to the Zephyrs game this weekend. It was fun