five on friday

one.  protein pancakes.
we’ve made these a handful of times and LOVE them.  they kind of remind me of the harvest grain and nut pancakes from iHOP.  we love them.  and my kids love them.. and if you don’t douse them in syrup you’ve got a pretty good post-workout option for breakfast.. or lunch.. and dinner sometimes. Kodak Cakes are legit.  we got a huge box at Costco, but I bed walmart and other larger grocers would have them, too!   
two. we do comfortable.
lets talk about the softness of the fabric in these remi co. dresses!  I discovered this small shop right before Baker was born and I was in a mad dash to get every romper style in every size before she got here.  in the dead of the summer I needed that versatility and something cuter than a onesie all the time to combat the heat!  well.  NOW they have expanded their expertise from rompers and on to dress, blankets, hoodies, and tunics!  
good news is that these sweet little dresses are on SALE!! 
..and while I am at it- these bows.. five bucks. just saying.
three. bloggity blog blah blah.. some of my favs!
I have a handful of (nearly) daily reads that I thought to share!
between her blog and snapchat, grace basically wins the internet.  sarah’s new babe has the best hair EVER.  Ashley’s little boy has my heart.. and not to mentioned that everything I know about throwing a good party comes from this girl.  she posted the AH-mazing party details from Grayson’s first birthday HERE.  Christina is one of the bravest souls I have never met.  love reading her inspiring posts! Jessica gives me my foodie fix on the daily..and not a single recipe has ever flopped when I have made them.  And her kid is freaking precious. AND she’s funny.  the other Jessica that I read is fun and relatable as we both have three girls and our youngest is just a week apart.  DIY and style inspiration comes from this girl often.  lastly.. Joanna is a fun modern blog.. and that woman has got it together!
four. culottes.
omg my favorite pants right now.  I had a couple pair in my closet from yeaaaars ago that I just couldnt part with and here they are.  back again, and I’m loving this style!!  I had a lot of people ask about the pants I was wearing earlier this week and good news is that you can find them at Loft on sale + 40% off!!  so.  girl math: they are practically giving them away at that price point, which to your husband means that they’re free. Oh, and Nordy’s early access to card holders will get you even more savings on their anniversary sale that starts SOON!
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five. girlfriends.
not sure what I would do without them.  some of my best friends right there- and even at 30+ years old with one billion kids + one in the carrier, we can still be silly.
 …and their husbands are pretty amazing, too.  
happy friday!!

July 15, 2016

  1. I love all of your off the shoulder tops! Where do you get them?? Happy Friday!!

  2. this post made my day! and how are our littlest minis already ONE?