five on friday

one.  summer nights might just be my favorite.
this week was nuts and we didnt get to spend a ton of time as a family (Jordan worked a 48hr shift + his usual, so I’ll just go hide under my bed until he gets home..) one night this week we spent the entire afternoon and into the evening outside just hanging out and doing nothing at all.  we pulled out the kiddie pool + water table and the twins chased the dog around the backyard in between dips in the pool and Baker tried to be all BIG and act like a ONE year old.  she’s obsessed with the girls’ little trikes we got them for their 3rd birthday (you can find it, here – we got them at Costco).  she doesn’t move around in it, just sits on it.  some of the party decor was STILL sitting on the patio, so Jordan filled the tubs up with water and the girls thought it to be hilarious to hop in.  I snapped our way through the evening, so be sure to follow along! (snapchat: pbjbabes)

 two. the dinner that turned into lunch that turned into dinner again
in case you missed it.. I blogged about this amazing stuffed shell recipe  (HERE!)  pasta doesn’t do much for me these days (I got really grossed out by it when I was pregnant with the Baker, so.. its not been my favorite ever since..) but THIS RECIPE is amazing!  the recipe as is makes a lot of shells, so I threw an extra pan of it in the freezer when I made it and we will be having it again next week sometime! 
 three.  special delivery.
homegirl is SO busy and wants nothing but to be in my way at all times.  I am not complaining, but she is everywhere I am.. which I kind of love.  the big girls have each other, so Baker is my little side kick and she just follows me around the house.  usually she will reach up for my hand and we will walk together- seriously THE cutest ever…
her honest shipment came in the mail a couple weeks ago.. yes WEEKS, and I finally unloaded the box thats been sitting in her closet.  I get my box ever 6 weeks or so, breaking up the cost, but every shipment is generous (6 packs of diapers + overnight diapers + 4 packs of wipes) so we are always stocked and I really don’t need more diapers at 4 weeks.  honest is always good about sending little treats or appreciation gifts to their subscribers (I’ve gotten an organic blanket- which became out FAVorite of all time, and a hooded towel for Baker and they sent me a little gift for mother’s day.. etc.) for Baker’s birthday, they sent a little birthday card + 6 happy birthday diapers!  so cute!  the little things, you know? I’m just bummed I waited too long to open the box, ha!  owell- she can wear the birthday diapers this week instead.
also.  why does she look like a giant. why.
 four. its been slow but we are making progress.
transition from the bottle has SUCKED.  I thought it was going to be SO easy, and well folks, I was dead wrong.  we are down to just two bottles/day.. mainly because she wants a bottle first thing in the morning and she refuses to go to bed without one, not matter how much I stuffed her at dinner.  she also has refused to take milk out of a sippy cup.  I’ve tried a million different kinds of cups, and ultimately she has refused all of them.  this week she finally took a couple sips from her sippy cup (this one is pictured) and I was being so silly about it, and Baker in turn thought it was the perfect time to ham it up and make me laugh even harder..
exhibit A:
 ashley told me about these weighted straw cups, and then another friend told me about the 360 cups.. well they are the same thing..two mamas in one week must mean this is something worth trying!
I am open to ANY advice you other mamas want to give about this!
five. birthday recap.
I finally finished putting away the last of the decorations from Baker’s party last night.. my kitchen table was covered in glassware and scrap banners, and a handful of boxes later, the party is officially over.  I only got a few of pictures from my phone of Baker’s birthday party, but y’all, it was SO FUN!  we had lots of friends and family there to celebrate our girl and I cannot wait to get the pictures back from Britt to share with you all!  

…and NUMBER six, because its a good friday.. 
the nordstrom anniversary sale is FINALLY open to the public!  the sale has been up a week, but you could only take advantage if you were a card member (which I am not).  I’m all about shopping for my girls- dressing them has been SO MUCH FUN the last few years. I am ready for the fall and totally over the 100 degree heat- so I’m shopping in anticipation for the start of preschool and the cooler months:)  with that in mind, here are my top kiddo picks from this year’s sale!
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July 22, 2016

  1. Katlin Smith says:

    Your girls are just so cute. I'm a mama to a 3 year old little boy and 3 month old boy/girl twins! What worked with my son and the whole bottle transition was that I started out putting formula in the sippy cup. He wanted the formula and once he realized it was in there he had no problem drinking out of it. I did that for about a week and then started going half milk half formula for another week and then all milk. It worked like a charm and he was off the bottle and formula at his first birthday. Good luck because as you know every baby is different!

  2. Lavakels says:

    Not sure if something is wrong but I can only see 4 items on your Nordstroms ticker.

  3. Omgooooshhhh that picture of all 3 of them in that little tub is the cutest! & I deff have to try that shell recipe looks delish!


  4. That tub picture- OH MY GOSH my heart. And Baker's dress, do you think that comes in my size? 😉 so cute!!

  5. amber says:

    Lavakels! I fixed it. thank you, girlfriend!

  6. I am in love with your blog and instagram! I recently came across another blog that I love, I think you might like it too. Reminds me a lot of yours, beautiful pictures and style.