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makeup routine
while that little collage of my favorite beauty products is b u s y up there, really this is the simplest makeup routine I have found myself in since.. well ever.  when the twins were really young I still made time for getting myself ready and out the door- I was late about half the time, but I was pretty put together for the most part. when Baker was born, and actually this started when I was pregnant and exhausted, it was a success for me to have just been able to fix my hair.. not even wash it, just get it out of the hair-tie mess on top of my head, let alone put on makeup!  I was busy getting myself and three kids ready for whatever and I was always last on my list for being completely put together.  I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to church/dinner/work without makeup on or my hair in a topknot from the night before.  this is coming from a former “I can’t go anywhere without having full face makeup and hair washed and dried “.  finally, I have fallen into a routine that has me looking put together well enough and it takes me probably just about 15-20 minutes to get myself ready.

the base

I start with lotion containing SPF (I use R+F for my skincare) and then layer with benefit POREfessionalI got this as a sample- and they always get me.  after running out of the tiny bottle I immediately got myself a full-size tube.  I follow this primer with tarte full coverage foundation.  I’ve used this foundation for a couple of years and I really love it.  I’m not picky about my foundation makeup really, but I have to find one that doesn’t clog my pores and actually lasts as long as it says it will.  lastly, I finish off my base look with concealer.. and another sample product I received.  I swear they know what they are doing when they hand out those tiny little samples..benefit fake up quickly has become my favorite concealer. this one boasts a crease-free formula, and it follows through with that claim with flying colors!

the brows

I’ve mentioned my newfound love for the benefit eyebrow system, and if I don’t do anything else aside from my base makeup- I always do my brows.  I never EVER messed with them before- mainly because I was clueless and a little intimidated as to how to achieve a more full look. I start with the gimme brow; brushing evenly over my brows.  I then line just under my brow line with the high brow pencil (I love this stuff!) and set my brows by brushing on the ready, set, brow setting gel. EASY and takes about 5 minutes or less.  serious.

the eyes

while we are talking about eyes.. kind of.. I can mention my go-to eye shadows.  I am a lover of MAC and urban decay- but LOVE L’Oreal’s infallible eye shadow. I wear this shadow in Amber Rush almost every day.  If I am not wearing this, I’ve got urban decay snatch or sellout on my eyes.  since I have lashes, I don’t wear mascara very often unless we are going out or taking pictures or I need a fill really bad:)  when I do wear mascara it has to be oil-free to not affect the lash glue, and so I use benefit BADgal lash.

the blush

I finish my look with my FAVORITE blush ever- urban decay afterglow.  I wear this blush in fetish– which is a warm coral color.  I always gravitate to warmer colors for my olive skin.  they have a huge array of colors in these, so you can definitely find any color that you love!

the brush

I’m kind of a snob when it comes to my makeup brushes.  I have used the cheap ones.. and the brush hairs get all in my makeup and stick to my face because they so easily fall out.  I make a splurge on new makeup brushes about once a year (hello, they are the perfect stocking stuffer!) and MAC is always my go-to for brushes. the three main types I use.. a powder blush brush, and foundation brush, and my favorite and super tiny angle brush. I shop at ulta A LOT, and I found a great brush cleanser by IT cosmetics that I use about once a week.  it doesn’t take much and the bottle lasts forever.  I haven’t tried this DIY recipe, but my favorite beauty blogger has a super easy tutorial to DIY your own brush cleanser HERE.  after you read that.. google her youtube tutorial on how to tease your hair.  it will change your life.


at any given time I have about 4-5 glosses in my bag. I love lipgloss- and I have a lot and tried a lot.  my favorite right now?  buxom full-on lip polish.  I wear dolly (a mauve color) most often and for a little more color I wear Isabella, which is more of a plum color. there we have it! easy and quick and with super minimal effort-  all good things in one sentence.  any quick beauty tips and makeup routines you got for me, I am all ears!
if you are looking for a little more, check out my top 16 amazon beauty finds. a daily makeup routine doesn’t have to take a ton of time or a lot of work. remember to keep it simple.

August 4, 2016

  1. Kelly Smith says:

    This is awesome! Thank you for sharing. Will you do a hair tutorial too!! You have the best beachy waves… would love to see how you do it and what products you use. 🙂

  2. amber says:

    Kelly! I am terrified of a hair tutorial. I'll work on it:) Its really easier than you think!

  3. How much do you LOVE your lashes?? Being a mom of 2 under 2…I'm thinking about getting it to simplify my makeup routine 🙂 I'm a lots of layers type of mascara girl,and pretty picky about how they look! I've been super interested since reading about how you get yours done (and they always look great!) and seeing a few others do it too. But I'm nervous?!?

  4. Lavakels says:

    Ditto the hair tutorial. I think you mentioned one time that you get your curls from a straightener….. which I can't seem to get!

  5. Can you talk about what you use for your skin care from R+F? I am shopping around and would love to hear your experience!

  6. amber says:

    Hi Jennifer-
    I posted about my experience with RF here: I haven't been using it since I became pregnant as it is not safe for use during pregnancy.