big girls' night out

we took the big girls to the Rangers game last night and they had a BLAST!  they’ve been a couple of times when they were little bits and still willing to sit in my lap during the game.. and last year my belly was giant and there was no way a couple two year olds would sit for even ONE inning, so this season we decided to give it a try!  Jordan and I took Parker and Jolie to the store and let them pick out their grilling meat of choice and we headed to the game early to tailgate.  they were so pumped about the game and not knowing what to expect, except they knew they wanted “ice cream in a helmet” from what their daddy had told them before the game.

we brought our little picnic table and it proved to be a success for toddler tailgating:)

 Texas with a double XX because thats how we roll

straight away the Rangers hit a homerun and the fireworks and cheering crowds were enough to get the girls into the game- clapping and hollering along.  Jolie’s sweet demeanor about it all had my heart basically exploding while Parker bounced off the walls and could hardly sit still in her seat- leaving me feeling the need to apologize to the guys sitting behind us and the couple in front of us for her frequent bumps of their seats and sloshing of their beers.

they got their ice cream in a helmet (which was a giant mess, btw.. but so worth it to watch them attempt to eat the melting pile of sugar at 9pm.) and mama got her garlic fries.
garlic fries are the sole reason to come to the ball park.

 meanwhile.. miss Baker lived the life of a single child at BB + Papa’s house for the night.  she played dress up (but honestly, those beads are a regular thing for that girl..) went to their favorite restaurant and filled her belly with chips and salsa and rice and beans and chicken.. 
and had Papa’s lap all to herself! 

such a fun night!  this was such a success with Parker and Jolie, I am hoping to get in another trip to the ballgame again before the season is over!

August 30, 2016

  1. says:

    The ice cream in the helmet was my daughter's favorite part of the game last year too!! Actually it was mine as well considering I was 8 months pregnant and it was 95 degrees out! Cute pictures!!!

  2. Looks like they had so much fun! Those fries look delicious. We love to go to Phillies games and my favorite thing to get there is crab fries with the cheese sauce – yum!