weekend in pictures

another summer weekend is behind us and I have about a bazillion pictures to prove it.  
anyone else feel like life is in hyper speed?  the weeks are coming and going in a blink of an eye.. I’ve been working a lot lately, covering vacation for a couple of the RD’s at the hospital, so I have been there everyday for the last couple weeks.  although it feels like the weeks are dragging by, it is literally Friday before I know it. lets start there.. 
Jordan was at the station on Friday and my inlaws went out of town for the weekend, leaving me to find a sitter for my last day of the work week.. and when your favorite and only sitter that you trust to leave all three banshees with for longer than a couple hours leaves to go back to school (how is it already that time, again!?) you call on a good friend to take care of your babies for the day (thanks a mil, Andrea!).
when you get pictures while you are gone, of my kids naked and playing in the backyard.. its like I’m right there with them, you know? they had the best day!
 after Andrea left, I laid Baker down for her afternoon nap, and me and the big girls snuggled in bed for an hour to watch a movie.  most days they don’t nap, but on the days they do, they nap hard.  after such a busy day of playing they fell right to sleep.
nose to nose.
 I had to wake Baker up from her nap so that she would hopefully go back to sleep in just a couple hours.  I can see Baker’s top incisor teeth popping through, so its been a lot of this + tylenol + snuggles.  I am fairly certain I have this exact picture of the twins at this age.  
dinner! when daddy isn’t home, I break all the rules.
we met some friends for lunch at our favorite Mexican food place and then had made plans to splash afterward.  Baker + Jolie LOVE the splash pad.  Parker doesn’t actually care that much for it, until its time for us to leave.. we played hard for about an hour after lunch and then packed up and headed home for a bubble bath and a late nap.

Jordan was back at the fire station covering a shift for another guy, so it was just me and the girls again. I had plans to make it to the grocery store and run a couple errands before the week started, and then Baker slept in until well past 9am for the second day in a row, so we decided that being lazy was way more fun that making the effort to go out of the house.  so we stuck around the house in our jammies for the day and did absolutely anything we wanted while nothing at all.
sticker dress up dolls + a handful of movies + popsicles + naps + snacks..
and a whirlpool bath of every toy imaginable.  I texted Jordan a picture of the girls in the bath for the second time in one weekend.. record breaking, ya’ll

its Monday! and pouring my second cup of coffee before 7am.

August 8, 2016

  1. Dani Lewis says:

    I love Baker's Lemonade shirt! And how you get her to eat at a table like that is awesome. Brody would have food all over the place 🙂

  2. I so agree with you- the weeks are flyinggg!! and in my case that could have a little something to do with having a newborn and two year old 🙂