this weekend we celebrated 11 years together.  ups and downs and all arounds and I would have to say that the last couple of years have been the VERY best of all.  Jordan and I don’t usually exchange anniversary gifts.. we kind of save the day/evening for a nice dinner and a movie and these days that easily $100+ not even counting the babysitter money.  BB + Papa volunteered to take all three babes for the evening on Friday night so J and I could grab a bite to eat and see a movie.  there is this little trendy restaurant in our town that has the most amazing food!  so, after dropping the girls off for their sleepover with the g’parents, we made our way out sans kids to celebrate.
after dinner we sat in the target parking lot contemplating the movie options before us, and ultimately decided that watching the DVR in our pajamas sounded much more fun..
after we made that decision we then proceeded to convince ourselves that we aren’t the lamest couple in life for the next 10 minutes before pulling to trigger to head home.  
saturday morning came quick- we started the day with bootcamp, which rarely happens together because someone is always home with the kids.  we grabbed coffee and headed to pick up the girls.  as much as we LOVE time alone and without obligation to three babies, the house was way too quiet and I was ready to get my hands on them again!  we made a quick swing through the market to grab some necessities for the weekend before home for naps.

while Baker napped, the big sisters helped give Oscar his first bath.  let me tell you, that Parker Jane LOVES that dog.  she is so helpful and wants nothing but to be right in the middle of taking care of him for everything. 

next stop on our busy saturday was to my sister-in-law’s house for dinner.  the twins absolutely LOVE their time spent with cousin Kendall and the company for the adults isn’t bad either:)  saturday was our actual anniversary, so we forced the three amigos into taking a picture in honor of the occasion.  Jolie was her typical self.. as was Parker..
you can find my sweatshirt HERE and my shorts HERE

every so often they have the families come up to the fire station for lunch and grill burgers and hot dogs and let the kiddos play on the engine and shoot the water hose.  me and the girls headed up to the station for lunch on Sunday, and sweet Baker finally got her chance behind the nozzle.

if that’s not the cutest sight you have ever seen..

sunday evening was quiet.. Baker has been sick off and on for about a week with cough and congestion.  I attributed it to teething because I can see her incisor teeth popping through, but when she spiked a fever of 103+ on Saturday evening I knew something was up.  she was miserable and I just felt helpless!  we gave her a cool bath, alternated motrin and Tylenol.. and nothing would help.  I couldn’t get it below 101 all night.  finally we broke fever to about 100 Sunday morning, and she ran fever off and on all afternoon on Sunday and honestly hasn’t had a real meal in about three days.. finally I got ahold of her pediatrician to make an appointment for this morning. 

pretty significant double ear infection for this baby girl. we are hoping that the fever is related and nothing else like a virus or something (hand foot and mouth is rampant right now in our area.. but she didn’t have any of the other symptoms for that- praise!) 
she was on antibiotics last month for an ear infection and we are thinking it did just enough for it to clear up but not completely. she was in a little better spirits this morning and being her silly self- I hadn’t seen that Baker in a couple days and I missed her!!  for now, lots of snuggles and lots of popsicles!  just about the only thing she will eat right now.  fine by me. 

I hope your week starts a little better than mine:)  it can only get better from here, right?

August 15, 2016

  1. Katie Brooks says:

    I hope your week is better than it started and Baker starts to feel better soon. The picture of all of you is beautiful.

  2. Ashley D says:

    hope that sweet baby feels better soon! xoxo

  3. Sarah says:

    My two cousins are Dallas Firefighters and even as an adult I love seeing all their "toys" I cannot imagine what it would be like for a kiddo!! So fun.

  4. Kristina says:

    Fun weekend! Is that the Barley&Board menu? Kind of looks like it but can't tell for certain. Love that place. Happy Anniversary!!

  5. Britt says:

    Happy Anniversary! My two kiddos have had fevers (off and on) and cough/congestion for 12 days now (losing my mind over here ha!). Our ped. said its a virus going around! Hoping your sweet little Baker feels better soon! Can I ask what you get your girls from starbucks? My 2 yo. is always begging for something and I'm at a loss!