five on friday

one. PA>>TX
I just cannot express what an amazing weekend its going to be!!  my darling friend and biggest fan, Misty is HERE!  in TEXAS! Misty and I became friends over the internet about 4 years ago.  our friendship went from email to texting to FaceTime.. gifts at christmas and birthday.. snail mail with simple words of encouragement from one fellow mama to the next.  through births and miscarriage and joys and sorrows.. I swear this girl has been through everything with me and we have never even met before.  until now!  she’s here and we have a FULL weekend ahead! 
two. only child 
last spring when we enrolled the big girls into preschool, I actually put down a deposit and enrolled Baker into the one year old class at this same preschool.  at the time she was like 4 months old, but I just wanted to have a spot just in case I thought maybe I was ready for her to go.  when it all came down to it, we opted to pull her out for a couple reasons.. I’m not working much at all these days and the cost of three kids in private preschool for two days/week is almost crazy.  AND, Baker never gets one on one time.  and this was the perfect opportunity! ya’ll, we have been having THE BEST time with this girl!!  I am so glad we waited, regardless of the cost, we will never get this special time back with this sweet girl!  when she’s two years old we will probably get her enrolled, but for now she is just going to hang out with mama and dad on those days her sisters are away.
this week she was the sweetest gal pal while I ran my errands..
we stopped for breakfast while getting my oil changed
 did a little window shopping and had fun playing in the mirror while trying on clothes
 teaching her dressing room selfies
it was just the best day.  she was such a dream!
three. special delivery
when your bestie and neighbor delivers dinner to your door.  the best pizza joint opened about two miles from the house and on Tuesday night when Britt was eating there with her family I convinced her to bring me some pizza- and she didn’t even think twice about it.
four. salted caramel mocha
OMGGGG I’ve been waiting patiently for an entire year for these to return.  when the PSL made it’s appearance I knew that my favorite of all time would be following.  I love pumpkin spice, but not yet.  now, the salted caramel mocha I can drink every day of the year.  I kinda do- international delight makes a salted caramel mocha creamer that fills my void through the lonely months of the year that Starbucks doesn’t have my favorite.. but THIS. loving it!
note: decaf.  because it was after 3pm and I’m old.
five. ben + lauren
anyone else see this?!  I didn’t.. until my husband tagged me in a picture on instagram.. a picture posted by one of those random bachelor fan pages.  what he’s doing falling down the rabbit hole with those pages, but I am SO EXCITED about this!  my DVR was getting lonely after all the summer shows ended.  I always LOVE my birthday week because thats when the fall line up premiers and I usually spend my birthday eve watching Grey’s and the rest of TGIT. Looks like I’ll be busy again on Tuesday nights:)

September 16, 2016

  1. Crisp Snaps says:

    I'm totally with you on the salted caramel mocha! I don't like the PSL, and always wait for the carmel specialties. 🙂

  2. Nicole A. says:

    Where is Baker's bow from? SO cute! (the bow and the babe)

  3. Lauren says:

    My birthday is Monday … and all my shows start next week! 🙂 PSYCHED

  4. Believe it or not, I've never tried the salted caramel mocha. This post makes me think I need to get one this weekend!!

  5. Katie Brooks says:

    I am so glad you get to spend the weekend with your best friend! Some of my best friends are ladies I met online! They are everything! I have met with one of them a few times and it is always the best time ever! Enjoy!!

  6. SO pumped for this!!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Also, big congrats on baby boy! Boys are wild but Looking forward to hearing about your pregnancy journey…I LOVE baby bellies 🙂