p+j | first day of preschool 3’s

well, its the start of another school year.  we dropped the big girls off for their second first day of school. Parker was up with the sun while I was making their lunches.  we woke Jolie with breakfast in bed and all grabbed a shower and picked out the perfect outfits for their first day.  Jolie insisted on braids by daddy (because she knows her mama is terrible) and Parker requested her hair to be worn down (hence the reason for the new ‘do.. she’s always asking to wear it down!
we arrived a little early to maybe help them get reoriented to a new school year, but honestly they walked in like it was literally no big thing– didn’t even turn around to tell us goodbye once we set their lunches and water bottles in their normal spots for later.  about 75% of their class was filled with their little friends from last year, so it was like they never skipped a beat as they walked in.  
first day of school drop offs are always chaotic, and trying to herd Parker and Jolie in the correct generally direction while carrying a baby Baker in my arms, sweating like I just ran 3000 miles.. you know, like all the other moms doing the same, but I managed to snap a few pictures of drop off this morning.  
these two are getting so big.
how much great can my heart swell with pride over my children.     

first day of preschool 2’s (they were SO LITTLE)

September 6, 2016

  1. Sara says:

    They looked great and confident. Do your girls still have to lay down for rest/nap time in their class? If so, do you have to take nap mats?

  2. amber says:

    Sara- they were so excited to go! The three year old class at our preschool does not nap. They did take naps in the two year old class, and slept on nap mats last year.