the secret is out!

we’ve kept the biggest secret of our lives for the last 13 weeks and its probably been the hardest thing we’ve ever done.  okay, maybe not THE HARDest but pretty hard.  keeping a secret like this from everyone, including the grandparents and our closest friends is outrageous, especially when this belly is already popping. 
I found out I was pregnant really early.. in and amongst the crazy of the fourth of July holiday and Baker’s birthday I had completely forgotten when I was supposed to test or even start my period.  we started trying when my cycle came back after weaning Baker- back in April/May when my first period came back.  I had never bought those ovulation kits let alone had a single clue about how to use them- I hadn’t ovulated normally in over 10 years (on my own), so how was I supposed to know?!
anyway.  my period came back like clockwork- already totally different than my experience with the twins.  I was put on medication to initiate my cycle after they weaned at 13 months and it still didn’t come back after 2 months of medication and then FINALLY it came.
so, getting it on my own and then again on the exact day the following month was such a surprise to me.  the only thing was.. I would have my period for 4-8 days (I was always 2-4 days MAX) and then  exactly 6 days after I would spot.  and the spotting would last 3 days. 
totally TMI, but it all makes sense together, I promise. 
so, after google completely FAH-reaked me out I made an appointment with my OB to get checked out to see why in the world I was constantly spotting on the same days of the month so close to my normal period.  I needed blood work and a sonogram and, again, my OB freaked me out because along with google she was also telling me that spotting was not normal.
here we are in June now.  life was insane.  got another negative pregnancy test and then my period came again.. and then the spotting came as well. for some reason that day (it was a wednesday.. no idea why I remember that) I decided to take an ovulation test.  I had been testing for ovulation between day 9-11, and always getting a positive, but still wasn’t pregnant. ANYWAY, on day 6 after my period I took an ovulation test and sure enough it was positive.  I texted my nurse and confided in google once again and both confirmed that spotting could be a sign of ovulation.
I had a shift at the hospital everyday that week and Jordan had just left for bootcamp and I decided to take a test.  I was about four days before my missed period.. but took one anyway because I’m OCD and cant wait for ANYthing. 
the lightest most faint line showed after 4 minutes.
I confess to taking a test about every day for the next two weeks..and then 2-3 times/week after that.  I swear I’m not crazy I just was severely anxious about it all- it gave me the peace of mind in seeing the positive pregnancy test once again. 
stop judging me. 
we saw this sweet baby’s heartbeat at 7 weeks, and then did another sonogram at almost 12 weeks.  little thing was wiggling and rolling from front to back and shared the same tiny profile as the other three babes before it.  that day I did the blood test for genetic abnormalities, but also to determine gender.  I had always had our perinatologist determine the gender and she was always correct, but for whatever reason I was adamant to do the blood test this time around.  I just had this feeling I needed to know FOR SURE.. even though my peri had never been wrong before.  my nurse said it would take about 3 business days before the results would come back, so I made my perinatologist appointment around that day so I could swing by and pick up the results..
they weren’t ready. so my peri gave me her 95% guess, as she always had, and sealed it in an envelope and we were on our way. the next day the results came in, so I made a special trip to pick them up. so now we have two envelopes- but the blood results were the only FOR SURE results we needed. part of me was just going to wait and get them in a couple weeks and use what the perinatologist had determined so I didnt have to make the trip.. but I did anyway. 
back track to about 7 weeks ago.. I was chatting with Jordan about how we should tell and when and mentioned that we should just keep the entire thing a big fat secret and surprise everyone with a pregnancy announcement AND a gender reveal!  my birthday is next week (sept 27th) and so inviting everyone over to watch college football and eat tacos for “my birthday” was the plan to get everyone at the house- and then bust out with the surprise after dinner. 
invites were sent for “football, tacos, + beer”
I ordered two balloons, one filled with pink and one filled with blue and took both balloons to be filled with the gender confirmation sealed in the envelope.  I told the guy behind the counter to just toss whatever balloon was unused away because we did not want to know and picked up a single balloon a couple hours before the party.
.. so now the only thing left was to actually keep it a secret. 
and that we did!  Jordan got everyone to come outside so we could sing happy birthday (so dumb because I’m turning 32 and dont need to blow out a candle but we had no other idea- ha!)
we did actually sing to me.  I did actually blow out a candle.. and then we spilled the beans.
..and it was SO awkward. 
no one knew what was happening or if the entire thing was a big fat joke.
even after I brought the giant balloon out from hiding in my closet I still had people looking at me with saucer eyeballs going “we are finding out RIGHT NOW?!”
my father in law followed the balloon around going- this is a joke, right? they are kidding, right??
I think it finally sank in.  and the freak out of excitement came out.
..see the whole thing wasn’t a total LIE.. we did eat tacos and you can see football on the television behind us- ha!
there were a couple of super close girlfriends of mine that couldn’t make the party so I told them a couple days before and promised to FaceTime for the big reveal!
I was dying.  between feeling like I was going to puke the entire day and then not having eaten AT ALL.. and the pressure to hide my bump that was completely NOT hide-able at this point.

I could have cried watching Jordan loose his mind.  he would have been 100% excited for our fourth baby girl on the way- he’s the most amazing girl dad in our world and another baby girl would be such a cool blessing, but about a week ago he confided in me, with actual tears in his eyes, that he really wanted a baby boy.  he’s the “last Massey” and the name dies with him.  so there was more than just baseball + hunting + digging for worms + dirty feet for him in his desire for a baby boy. 
I’ve got to learn how to be LESS expressive in my excitement.  the last gender reveal my mouth was open in every picture.  its quite comical.. 

papa was SO excited and the first one in line to give me the biggest bear hug.  he was also the final baby in a house with 4 older sisters.  
our baby boy is following in true Massey style.
BOY.  what in the world am I going to do with a boy?!
doesn’t matter.  I’m going to love him SO BIG.  I cannot even begin to express our excitement over this crazy adventure ahead!!
..after everyone left and the crazy died down I opened the 95% results from our perinatologist JUST to see what she had “guessed”. 
wouldn’t that have been funny? 
photography // b faith photography
balloon + ombre tassel // gewoon
mama + mini kimono set c/o haberdash soul co
striped tunic c/o white plum (similar)
moto leggings c/o pinkblush maternity
booties c/o famous footwear

September 19, 2016

  1. kaley says:

    this made me teary-eyed! congrats!!!

  2. Sally Smith says:

    Wow I cried reading this! So I excited for you and your precious family! ?

  3. Kylie says:

    Eeeeeeekkkk!!! I'm so overjoyed for y'all. I know you don't know me and I don't know you… only through reading your blogs and following you on IG… but I'm so thrilled for your sweet family. Finally a BOY ๐Ÿ™‚ Y'all are truly blessed!!

  4. Kylie says:

    Eeeeeeekkkk!!! I'm so overjoyed for y'all. I know you don't know me and I don't know you… only through reading your blogs and following you on IG… but I'm so thrilled for your sweet family. Finally a BOY ๐Ÿ™‚ Y'all are truly blessed!!

  5. Lavakels says:

    This is so exciting! We were in the same position- my husband is the last of his branch. We ended up with 2 boys and a girl. Perfect combo for us!

  6. Lindsey says:

    What amazing news and fun way to announce it! As a fellow infertility warrior, I'm so happy for y'all that this baby boy of your dreams was without the struggles from the previous blessings.

  7. oh my goodness! How exciting! Congratulations, stranger. I also teared up. Looking forward to boy posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. This is amazing, made me smile so big and cry tears of joy. What a beautiful moment! Also loved that this happend during the Auburn game ๐Ÿ˜‰ Auburn fan here. I have 2 of each and I can tell you experiencing both is amazing! And 4 is such a fun number. God is great!

  9. Alysa Blum says:

    Amazing!! Congrats Amber and family! I also teared up. Love love love this. I had my baby boy (Eliam) in June and we just love him to pieces. Can't wait to follow your journey with baby #4!

  10. This made me teery. So excited for you guys!


  11. I was tearing up reading this. So excited for your beautiful family. A little boy will be the perfect addition to your precious girls. They will all be the best big sisters.

  12. Laci Murray says:

    OMG this is amazing!!!!! This will be such an adventure to see all these sweet sisters with a baby brother!!

  13. How exciting! I'm due with my second around the same time as you, and I can't wait to see what we're having! We're waiting until the anatomy scan in November and I am DYING. I've been toying around with the idea of a little gender reveal for the family and yours looked so fun I just might have to. I can't wait to see what outfits you come up with for your little boy–and OMG boys are so fun! Biggest congratulations ever!

  14. Michelle says:

    This is so awesome! I have been an avid reader of yours since before the twins, so it's been a pure joy to follow along on your sweet family's journey. This is just icing on a wonderful cake! Congratulations! So happy for y'all!!!

  15. I'm glad I wasn't the only one getting sniffly reading this! phew. A boy =) What a fun surprise and I love that everybody was totally confused ha. I always like to do a gender reveal with friends and family, and my husband thinks the whole thing is nuts. But, I think it is super fun to find out with everybody!

  16. All tears over here!!!! What an amazing moment!!

  17. I must admit I have tears rolling down my cheeks, heart in my throat, goosebumps and that goofy frown/smile thing going on. I am over joyed for you and your growing family. Congrats Massey's. No doubt will be the best boy mom ever โ˜บ๏ธ I mean, how could you not be?! PBJ are lucky to call you theirs ??

  18. Congratulations! This is so exciting!

  19. What a blessing! We only have one girl, and when we found out our second would be a boy, we were so excited…but we also didn't know what to do with a boy! Ha! Well, he's 6 now, and I am wrapped around his little finger! He loves taking me on dates, holding doors open for me while saying, "wadies first!" and he tells me he wants to marry me! You're going to love it! And Jordan was always so sweet with our Jackson, so I now he's truly going to be the best dad to your precious little boy!! Congratulations again!!

  20. Erin W. says:

    Oh my gosh, this makes my heart so happy! I've been following since you were pregnant with the twins. I've loved watching your family grow & I can't wait to see what cute boy things you come up with!

  21. This is unreal!!!!! Congrats Massey fam, this little guy better get ready for a billion sugars from all the little ladies in his life! Who knew the gender and ordered the balloon? Did you guys have to go on any fertility treatments again?

  22. Darcy Potter says:

    Oh MY GOSH Amber I am so freakin excited for you and the fam!!!! Big congrats to ya'll ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously you are the best mama and this little boy is going to be so lucky to be a part of the Massey gang ๐Ÿ™‚ Hugs and luvs, Darcy

  23. Charity says:

    Thank God you posted this today because I don't think I could have waited another day for details!!

    I am DYING, DYING at the Guy on the TV's Expression in the first pic right before your Hubby pops the balloon. It looks like he's holding his breath and waiting too! HA!!

    I don't have kids but i have two nephews and when I found out my first nephew was a boy I thought the same thing. What the heck am I going to do with a boy? What will we have in common? True he is all boy but he loves watching Charlie Brown with Auntie Charity and he is the snuggliest, best hugger and best little helper ever! Boys are great!!

  24. Congrats!!! So exciting! AND a boy. Your hubby must be overly over the moon! Can't wait to follow along on your journey and don't worry- you always pick the right name!

  25. Dakota says:

    Oh My GOODNESS! I am SO SO SO excited for y'all! I love my twin boys they are a hoot haha and not even a year old yet! You are gonna love having a sweet little boy. I can't wait for y'all! This is so exciting! If you need boy hand me downs just give me a shout, Lord knows I have plenty of them haha! Congrats again mama, so happy for you!

  26. Dcroninx says:

    Congrats! I'm so excited for your adorable family. Boys are wonderful! They are so sweet and loving especially to their mama! We find out the gender Monday for our second baby. Cannot wait!

  27. CONGRATULATIONS! I've got a baby boy and it has been the best thing in the world!

  28. NC Becky says:

    loved to see that blue come down! Becky

  29. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your family. It truly blesses me to see your husbands excitement in getting what his heart so dearly longed for. I's every excited to read about your journey as your blog is absolutely one of my favorite of all time. Boys are so much fun!

  30. Congratulations! I loved reading your post and those pictures of the pure joy on your faces when you did the reveal are gorgeous!

  31. Aja says:

    That sweet boy is going to rock your world! There is NOTHING like a little boy to make a momma's heart explode. ?

  32. This is AMAZING!!! So incredibly happy for you and your sweet family – what a miracle blessing x