five on friday

one. photo maniac
this week we took our annual fall family photos. I always do them in October because I like use these pictures for our Christmas cards and I love to send out our cards the week of Thanksgiving.  Or how about.. I love the idea of sending them out that soon.  I often dont have my crap together to actually get them in the mail by then and they sit on the counter for a week before I’m motivated to address them.  But thats what I shoot for, anyway.
this year we mixed it up a bit and headed out to the Texas State Fair.  such a fun change of scene from our typical fall photo and I’m excited to share them! this was the twins’ first time to the fair and they were completely overwhelmed with everything going on around them- the most exciting thing to watch is your own children taking in an experience like this. they rode the rides and although Parker was always SO excited to get on them, she ended up tucked in the fetal position by the end of the ride.  homegirl cant even go on the swing at the park without freaking out, so her excitement to ride over and over surprised me.  But eventually she started to love it all and got the hang of it with each new ride she rode.  Jolie was just as happy as can be- smiling from ear to ear, hands in the air and loving every minute.  it was hilarious to watch how different they were in their response. BB + Papa tagged along to manage the chaos of picture taking in such a public place with three toddlers and were such a giant help.

AND.. the twins’ four year pictures took place this week.  anyone want to take a guess at their party theme is for this year?? 🙂  
I cant believe I’m going to have four year olds!
two. girls night
I feel like girls night needs to be once a week.  I always come home feeling refreshed from a night out full of girl talk and laughter and just a good time.  this week Jordan volunteered for daddy-duty and I grabbed a bite to eat with Britt and then went to painting with a twist to meet her sister and friend.  it was just four of us in the class, we brought dinner and wine (diet coke for the non-preggo splurge) and painted for 2 hours. I’ve always wanted to do the painting class and it was SO fun!
also. chipotle literally has been on my brain since I ate it earlier this week.  I need it again!
barbacoa (double meat! the only meat I think I like right now..) + brown rice + pinto beans + fajita veggies + ALL the salsas + guac + a little sour cream!  I am obsessed with their vinaigrette dressing but want more stuff than lettuce, so I get the bowl instead of the salad and ask for the dressing on the side.
(side note: floral wallet from better life bags!)

three. we have a nursery!
anyone thats ever been to my house, has NEVER been in the front room- ha! its basically the catch all room for anything and everything.  party items + holiday decor + clothes + toys.. toys.. more toys.  when the girls were about 18 mo old we moved the once office space out and rearranged that front room into a play room for the twins.  that didn’t last very long. SO- our dining room is now the play room and that front office/room has remained behind closed doors ever since.. until now.
this week while the big girls were at preschool and Baker was spending the day with her BB, Jordan and I cleaned and cleaned and threw away and donated until we could finally see the floor!  10 bags of trash and twice as many donations later we have an empty room.
its so embarrassing.
 BUT, I am so excited to be able to actually get in there and start planning a baby boy nursery!  ALSO.. those bags. bags and bags and bags are full of baby clothing- so follow along @shopmasseya for a baby/toddler clothing sale next week!
four. weather shift + patch success
the weather made a shift toward the end of this week and OMG we are so thankful. we were pushing 90 degrees in October and didn’t even want to be outside.  its going to be the most GORGEOUS weekend and we plan to be outside the entire time.. starting with a picnic dinner this evening:)
we’ve been really consistent with patching Baker’s left eye this week and she’s such a rockstar.  she doesn’t even fuss when we put the ortopad on.  she wears it for about 2 hours everyday in hopes to strengthen  her right eye’s muscles.  thankful her vision is not impaired, but we don’t want it to get worse. we go back in a couple months for a follow up.  until then sweet Baker will be the sweetest and tiniest pirate. gosh, I love her.
five. bootie love list (under $100!) 
I’m not the biggest “shoe person”.. I usually stick with one or two great pairs and rotate them in and out with different outfits.. but over the last couple of years I’ve really taken heart to LOVING/obsessing freaaaaaking out over a great pair of booties.
I have a lot of booties.
plus, they dont have to be super expensive, either!  I did a quick search for styles I’m totally loving this season.. I cant get enough of olive or wine colored suede.  dont be afraid of stepping outside of the usual black/brown color options.  the deeper reds and greens and variety in shades of brown are all basically a neutral this time of year:) 
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October 21, 2016

  1. alison says:

    Can't wait to see your family pics! The girls are growing up so fast 🙂 also please do a maternity clothes post one day! I love your style and need some help finding fashionable maternity items!

  2. Oh Amber, I just love your blog. I swear after every post I just exhale and feel relaxed because I've just seen that someone else has "been there." You're so relateable!

  3. The fair would be such a neat place for family photos! Can't wait to see how they turn out! Yay for purging and reorganizing! I bet it's going to look awesome when it's finished!

  4. Rachel Fitch says:

    Ah love Bakers boots. Where are they from ?