five on friday | happy Christmas week!

one. christmas snail mail
literally THE BEST part of my Christmas decor comes from all of our family and friends.  I’ve been covering our cabinets with cards for the last several years and love getting the mail everyday to add to the collection of these sweet faces.  
I absolutely wish I could leave them up all year round! I get so sad to see them all go.  I do leave them up a little longer- well into the the New Year.. but how long is too long..?
two. christmas babes + bellies 
we got to meet our newest little friend- baby Cohen! our friends Andrea and Sonny became parents this week and Jolie and I snuck out a couple evenings ago to go visit and meet this sweet face!  it made me so so so excited to meet Brady in just a few short months!
 speaking of.. we all made the trip to the doctor to check up on Brady and his mama.
thankful for those iPads sometimes, you know? 
 AND I got the call this week that I passed my glucose test.  they did tell me that my iron is a little low, but everything else checked out great.  yippee!
three. christmas with nana + duke
my parents came in town this week to celebrate Christmas with us.  it was a really short trip but we jammed about a million things into their time here and had a great time.  
Patrick + Sam came over to visit, too! Patrick is my middle brother (25yrs).. and this was the first time the twins have really ever met him.. and that other cutie on the right is Sam, my youngest brother that is a freshman in college. the twins ran them ragged but they all seemed to love it anyway:)
 we made a trip to the movies- left miss Baker with Britt and took the big girls to see Moana.. which was SO darling, by the way.  Jordan was particularly pumped because his man crush, The Rock, played a starring role along side little Moana, so it took little convincing for him to get on board for the movie outing.
my beanie is borrowed:) but you can find a similar cardigan to the one I’m wearing HERE // blanket scarf HERE // my favorite maternity tees HERE // and THE most amazing support leggings HERE
 everyone was sad to say our goodbyes, but we will see them again soon!
four. polar express + pizza + presents
Christmas with Auntie + Uncle J + Grayson!  we ordered pizza, exchanged gifts and watched Polar Express on their theater sized screen.  oh, and the best part was that everyone was in their jammies.

five. christmas morning 
what is everyone making for Christmas?  like.. food-wise?  I get so hungry and so BOLD surfing my pinterest page in search of something yummy to make for Christmas morning.. brunch is the best meal of the day and I look forward to the goodies waiting for me on Christmas morning! there are always sausage balls (1lb sausage + 2 c. bisquick + 1 c cheddar cheese + 8oz cream cheese baked for 25-30 min at 350 degrees) and we usually make waffles with fresh strawberries and cream.. and soaked in maple syrup! but this year I thought maybe a breakfast casserole or one of those overnight French toast things would be good?  I pinned this sausage and hashbrown casserole and for something sweet, I think a cinnamon roll over night French toast bake would be delicious.. the original or what about this pumpkin version!
how about both?
I’ll snack on some Christmas crack left over on Santa’s cookie plate as a pre-breakfast appetizer.

TWO more sleeps!! Happy Christmas Eve, EVE! XO!

December 23, 2016

  1. Lavakels says:

    You and your youngest brother look so much alike!

    We are doing Nutella french toast for breakfast with bacon for the boys….Baked brie, tenderloin and scalloped potatoes for the main meal with homemade chocolate pecan pie to finish.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Ashley says:

    I always make cinnamon rolls from scratch for Christmas morning!

  3. A great tried and true holiday casserole treat is Paula Deen's Praline French Toast Casserole, just google it. The nice thing is you make it the night before. Then there's Amish barn-raiser casserole which has crescent roll crust, sausage, hashbrowns, etc. It's very good as well! Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. You can totally see the family resemblance in that picture of your brothers! Glad you had a nice visit! Those sausage balls sound yummy!

  5. Angie N says:

    Thought this was a great idea for Christmas cards…take a picture of the card with your phone, then attach it to that person's phone number. Every time they call you during the year, you'll see their Christmas card picture; then take a new picture next Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Can you share how you do your hair?! I'm also curious if it's thick. Mine is and it's awful to style….you seem to do it so effortlessly!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Love Christmas card season!! PS – Can you do a post soon on how you style your hair? I love it!! Mine is insanely thick so it's difficult but about the same length.