Merry Masseys | 2016

I promise I’m almost done with the Christmas posts.  
as a gift this year for Jordan’s parents we arranged a photoshoot- the first photos ever of any of the extended family together.  it was long overdue. but figuring out schedules and getting about a billion people on board and on the same page about the whole thing is nearly impossible. 
Brittany snapped a these pictures at the farmer’s branch historical park on a super chilly Saturday in November and they turned out really sweet.  I ended up using the one I love most for our Christmas card this year. 
(just hurry up and scroll to the bottom if I’m already boring you- ha!)
I adore this picture of Jordan and Baker.  he loves his girls so much.. and his face says it all.

fast forward about 10 years.. 

I LOVE my girls. that baby boy is going to fit right there on the end- eeep!! 
I ordered this darling picture in a canvas print (groupon for the win!) as a gift to my parents for Christmas!  
tickle, tickle! 

me and my guy. 
my forever crush. 
my always.

I almost didn’t do a card this year.. almost.  Jordan convinced me that we absolutely could not pass up the last year as a family of FIVE to send a card.  this one turned out to be among my most favorite ever.

custom card design: CKFireboots
photography // b faith photography
twins // top + jeans + cardigan + boots
baker // bow + sweater + romper + boots
amber // hat + sweater + choker + top + pants 

Christmas cards of years past:
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December 27, 2016

  1. Those girls of yours really know how to make people smile. They're beautiful and looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Chelsea says:

    What sweet picture 🙂 they turned out so adorable!!!
    Chelsea @