Parker + Jolie | 4 years


Jolie Grace // 41 inches (77th percentile) and 36 pounds 3 ounces (59th percentile)
Parker Jane // 42.5 inches (94th percentile) and 39 pounds 9 ounces (80th percentile)

Parker and Jolie’s fourth year has been a year of SO MUCH FUN.  they have gained a rather hilarious toolbox of words and phrases and the conversations we have just kill me with emotions that basically run the gamut of shock, grace, love, adoration, and hysterics. and they know how to use at the most opportune times to just knock me off my feet with the things they know.

Parker and Jolie visited the dentist for the first time.
Parker got b a n g s:)
we went to the ZOO! (one of many times)
..and our first Rangers baseball game for a big girls date night..
spent a week with their favs while mama + daddy took a trip
swimming, family, friends, sparklers, and sun kissed cheeks- we celebrated an entire weekend of the 4th of July!
we celebrated our littlest sister turning ONE and went to the aquarium for the first time.
..and brought a new dog into our crazy mix!
they started preschool three’s. and walked into school on the first day like they owned the place..
cool weather came upon us and the fall festivities began- many days spent at the pumpkin patch + the arboretum.
h a l l o w e e n.  was. THE best time spent with our little friends.
they spent some quality time with Nana + Duke..
..and went to the Texas State Fair for the first of many years to come!

these are just a few of the highlights over the last 12 months.  our life is so full.  with so much fun in between.  these sweet girls have made our world spin for the last four years- the good.  the bad.  the terrible.  
we couldn’t imagine it being any other way.

you are f o u r!

Jolie Grace

my goodness, how much you have grown this last year.  looking back at pictures and watching videos, its just amazes me to see how your personality and intellect exploded.  not to mention your little face has nearly lost all the baby chub and innocence and you are quickly becoming a little girl right before my very eyes.  your vocabulary is full.  your understanding is impressive.  your organization and thought process through certain things is unique and much different than your twin sister’s
you still wear your heart on your sleeve.  little things can absolutely break your heart, but a bit of silliness will bring you right back to your usual happy self.  when when you smile- my sweet girl, you smile with your entire face.  your eyes squint up and nearly disappear into your baby girl cheeks.. (they are still there if I look hard enough).
   I was overwhelmed with love for you from the moment you took your first tiny breath.  watching you grow from a little wee nugget into the marvel you are today has been the greatest, most fulfilling, most enlightening journey and the very, very best thing I have every been through.
you have overcome so many milestones that, looking back, are just unreal to remember on.
you remain quite the diva in this house- Baker gives you a run for your money when holding that title, but the moment you open your mouth with something abrupt or matter of fact, as you usually do, its crystal clear who has earned it- you carry it well, my sweet girl.  
you are pretty opinionated and mostly independent.
..and then there is bedtime you simply cannot go to sleep without seven sugars and eight hugs.
..and we have to count them out loud or they just do not count.  
“mom, you arent counting with me.  one..two..threeee..”
you definitely feel the need to speak your mind, and most of the time it has me and your daddy in giggles.  while your sisters would rather be outside running like crazy kiddos, you don’t mind to chill out on the couch with a snack (you are all about the snacks!), cuddle with mama, and watch movies all day long. as long as you have Puppy, you are happy as a clam.. you have fallen in love with many little animals and dolls have come and go over this last year, but Puppy still remains number one. and that thumb sucking is still in full force.  someday we will have to break the habit. but not today. 

 you absolutely do everything with an exclamation point! your little life is an exclamation point. keep that up my sweet little love. your enthusiasm in life should be the way everyone should live the life we are given. and for that, I am so proud of you.  I thought I was here to teach you, but you are teaching me every day. I am so in love with you, birthday girl. 

Parker Jane

still my tomboy. still your daddy’s right hand ‘man’.  wherever he goes “I’m coming too!!”  
never ending and always your dad’s favorite thing to hear.
it’s hard to imagine what life was like before your funny lines, epic tantrums, and ear bursting screams took over our house. year three has been a year of growth and change and experience for all of us.  you have gotten stronger, smarter, funnier, and braver- and keep changing dramatically as the days go on.  you have become quite creative in your ways- making up stories as you go along and always excited to share them with anyone that will listen.  you have such a creative brain, building and creating and designing is what you do best.  your coloring and art work just keeps getting better and better- you are SO excited to show me your completed color pages, with the rainbow array neatly tucked within the lines of the image.  I am so proud of you.
your imagination runs wild- and you beat to the tune of your own drum.  I used to get frustrated with you for “not listening” or acting like you “dont care”, but as we have both gotten to know the growing Parker over this last year, you are just taking it all in before you make a decision to move or act.  your teachers at school have said you are the observer.  you want to know about everything that is going on around you. this characteristic has developed into you having the most gentle and sweet and kind heart. always wishing everyone to be included.  your heart is bursting with love to share. 
Jolie is your best friend.  your rock. and the person you look to for support in everything. you have a keen love for that twin sister of yours and your bond grows stronger and stronger as the days and weeks and months and years go on.  
Baker is your little side kick.  she follows you everywhere and looks intently for you when you cannot be found. you always include her, even when she is destroying your building blocks or demolishing the feast you have prepared in the play kitchen.  she’s always there, and you never mind.
you talk about “baby brother” all the time. you talk about how silly he is when he moves around in my belly and it broke me to tears the other day as you were helping me fold tiny baby boy clothes in his unfinished room and you touched my tummy and said I sure hope he loves me..” 
of course he will, little love.
everyone loves you.

no matter how old you are, you will always be our sweet baby girls.
no matter what you do, we will always love you.
I am so incredibly proud to be your mama just because you sister girls are you.
you can be anything you want to be.
you are amazing in so many ways.

you girls have a laugh that is contagious- and I can hear it from miles away and know that its you.
you each have the most amazing personality that make both of you unique and so perfectly you.
you are incredibly talented in so many ways – coloring in the line, puzzles, billions of hugs, and double that in kisses, the busiest bees..running, climbing, singing at the top of your lung and dancing your giant little hearts out!  some of our most favorite moments of the day is listening to you two sing, play, dance, and just be together- your imagination is unreal.

my wish for you, my sweet sister girls, as you enter your fourth year of life, is that you will keep being my Jolie Grace + my Parker Jane. that you will keep dressing up like a princess, toting high heels and jeweled crowns, while chasing your daddy around the backyard looking for spiders and snakes and in the same moments harassing your mama for “haircuts” and playing beauty parlor. that you will continue your best friendship with each other, but still finding comfort in your independence that impress me every day.  
the characters can change to whoever you would like them to be, just don’t stop pretending. keep telling your wonderful creative stories you tell. don’t ever stop telling me all about your dreams when you wake and about your imaginary “family” that lives in a pink house with a pink mommy and a blue daddy and purple sisters and most recently.. a new baby brother has come into that imaginary family mix. keep laughing and smiling.
you two are the lead character in 4 years worth of the most colorful memories one can imagine.
we love you with all our hearts, big sister girls.  we are so excited for this next year that is to come!
happiest birthday to you our precious girls!

December 6, 2016

  1. They just look so happy! I love it!

  2. Darcy Potter says:

    Happy birthday sweet girls!!! Wishing you the very best day full of celebrations 🙂 Hugs and luvs, Darcy & Emery Potter

  3. Katie Brooks says:

    This is the cutest! Happy birthday!!!

  4. erika sierra says:

    Precious girls!! happy birthday!!!

  5. i absolutely love their painting pictures!! so fun! happy fourth birthday, x2!

  6. says:

    Beautiful pictures and the sweetest words!! Happy Birthday!

  7. Megan says:

    the paint pictures are just too cute!

  8. Megan says:

    the paint pictures are too cute!! such a great idea 🙂