weekend // christmas fun

this weekend the christmas spirit (and weather!!) arrived here for the Massey bunch.  we’ve been nothing short of excite for the holiday season, but life in general has been insanity and going about a million miles a minute- growing a fourth baby and having three very busy ones to tend to is no joke..so its been hard to take time to recognize the magic of the holiday upon us in just one short week!  
Friday we wrapped up the week with our annual “kids Christmas” with our supper club group.  We’ve been doing a family centered christmas get together for a couple years now that our babies are getting older.. and back in November when we had Supper Club at our house we had the kids draw names for a gift exchange. the Cabrera’s had taken a light tour on a carriage ride through Frisco last Christmas and it was amazing enough that they wanted to treat everyone this year with a tour!
we met at Starbucks before the tour for hot chocolates (and coffee!) and to do the gift exchange- the babes were SO excited to share and receive their presents they had picked out for their little friends!

Baker is all about the WOW factor of everything right now.. she started this whispering “WOW” thing several weeks back and it kills me to laughing tears every single time! she even wowed at the array of grocery bags on the counter after I got home from the store yesterday morning. 
I love her.
Baker got the VTEC pet carrier and she WOW’d it over and over and over..and has carried it around from the moment we opened it!  even slept with it in her crib on Friday night because she wouldn’t give it up:)
the really cold weather held off through Friday evening, and although it was cold and a bit damp out we had a great time on the carriage ride! 
you can find Baker’s pom hat HERE + booties HERE. I snagged my beanie on a last minute whim at target (its the mossimo brand) and my tee HERE and jeans HERE.. the sweater jacket is from  groopdealz at the end of last season and I haven’t seen it this year!
there are nine kids between the four couples..with two on the way by the summer.  they have all been together since birth and have the best time when we bring the crazy group as one! which also means getting everyone to focus for a picture is near to impossible:)
AND.. matching hanna jams for everyone.  doesn’t get any better than this, folks.
we had the carriage ride all to ourselves and it was just a perfect night! 
a yard full of dancing Santa’s made the kiddos squeal!
the neighborhood we rode through was fantastic and we will definitely be making this a holiday tradition.
Saturday morning the cold front and the 19 degree weather behind it came through and kept us all inside.  we really did stay in our jammies all day long.
lots of coffee + coloring, and christmas movies:)

Sunday morning was slow. we played hookie from church and slept in.. it was almost 10am before Baker decided to join the party.  I put my online order in for grocery pick up at my local Kroger on Saturday afternoon so Jolie and I made a starbucks run and grabbed the groceries Sunday morning- it was SO COLD, ya’ll.
I got a wild hair and decided I wanted to brave the mess and make Jessica’s sugar cookie recipe with the girls.  I also think it might have had to do with my need/want/craving of the DOUGH all together that did me in for making these, too.
my kitchen was one big giant flour mess.. with sprinkles on top.. by the end of it, but we had so much FUN!  and these cookies are super soft!  probably the best and easiest recipe I’ve ever tried.
..after we got the kitchen de-floured, we finally measured the girls on the growth chart ruler board my talented friend Sarah made.  its been hanging for a couple weeks in my kitchen but I didnt have the right pens/markers to write with.  finally I took just a browse through amazon to find these Sharpie paint pens to use and they are great! 

we finished off our Sunday evening with bit of last minute kidless christmas shopping- a quick dinner at Panera bread and settled into our freshly washed flannel sheets after getting home, thanks Jordan:)
much needed chrismtas-y weekend for my soul.
the countdown to Christmas is ON!
happy Monday!

December 19, 2016

  1. love getting to that time where the christmas spirit is finally really feeling upon us!