five on friday

we have been quite under the weather this week.  it started with Parker coming down with croup on Sunday night and its made its way to my lungs and I’ve been hacking ever since..and then yesterday Jordan all the sudden is feeling whimpy.  its been a slow week over here. I hate feeling like this!  it doesn’t help that I’m not sleeping that great, so overall I could literally just crawl in my bed and stay there. BUT.. aside from feeling a bit blah, its been an okay week!

one. nursery progress
we finally FINALLY decided on a paint color and slapped it on the walls this week!  Brady’s nursery has literally been “finished” for over a month, aside from a couple décor details, but everything has been just sitting on the floor in the middle of the room while we went around and around about paint colors.  I ultimately decided on SW Dorian Grey for the walls and SW Repose Grey for the ceiling. both fall under the greige color category and I totally love the way it looks now that the room is finally painted!  Jordan has grand plans to put the crib together and the chair..and finish sanding and painting the changing table this weekend:)  the changing table was a major steal of a deal at $35 bucks found on the facebook garage sale page for our neighborhood (thanks, Britt!).  a little paint and some new drawer pulls and its literally the perfect fit! 
I cant wait to share more details.
two. baby boy things + sale!
I can’t can’t can’t handle how cute baby boy things are. I will admit that gap didn’t impress me over the summer and spring for the girl things but browsing this morning after getting an email about their sale (50% off!!) I am filling my cart with all the boy things!!
skinny jeans for an infant? sign me up!!

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three. finding balance..?
so, I still definitely have polyhydramnios. BUT  this week I have felt less “large” and more proportionate than I have in awhile. not getting too ahead of myself about that because I’m still catching all the attention of anyone that wants to express how big I am.. I also feel like since I took those steroids for Brady’s lungs last week homeboy hasn’t stopped dancing up in my ribs and I swear he’s wearing his tap shoes and practicing on my bladder.
oh, and lets mention that I’ve been having Braxton Hicks non-stop.
which is 100% normal for me! but I have been having them much less with him than with the girls.. up until now.
I head to my OB on Tuesday for another sonogram.  I always look forward to seeing his little button nose.

four. full circle
last weekend, on a whim, we went to visit my parents. we decided that this would probably be the last time we would be able to visit them before the baby comes and maybe our only “free” weekend to go, so we went. I snapped this picture of Baker and my dad watching the football game on Saturday (Baker LOVES my dad) and this week he sent me an oldie of he and I when I was probably just a couple months old.
a couple things:
I haven’t seen this picture in probably 12 years.
..and my dad has turned into such a sap. he is NOT a sap and never has been.  EVER.
so many good things and good feelings.
five. for the sweet sister love
spending time with my girls this week makes me realize how much is about to change.  we are on the tail end of having just the three of them in the house before baby brother makes his arrival and it makes me so emotional to think about! Baker basically looks like a giant these days and her interaction with the twins is on HIGH right now.  she cannot go to bed without hugs and sugars from her two big sisters and if you asked me how this all came about I would have no idea because its basically slapped me in the face.
good lord I am so thankful for them.
this is what life is about, folks.
I cant wait for a lazy weekend with my favorite people.
a few more links and love for your Friday..
if you are a Bachelor fan- you have to check out Ashley’s recapscrying.
I’m totally making these BBQ chicken and pineapple lettuce wraps this weekend.. and if I feel really crazy I try out her turkey tortilla soup, too!
I bought this nursing bra online and it came this week.. its nursing bra GOLD, I tell you!  I also love their seamless bra (I have four!) and wore them for the entire year after having and nursing Baker.  I also went ahead and got this nursing cami to toss in my hospital bag.
happy Friday!!

January 20, 2017

  1. Chelsea says:

    You are so cute 🙂 I love those nursing bras. I am 30 weeks today 🙂 can't wait to see the nursery

  2. Alyssa Naum says:

    Where are your floral pants from? They are so cute! 🙂

  3. Those stethoscope pictures are so sweet!!

  4. I've been searching for a good nursing bra because I hated the ones I had when I had my twins! Thanks for the recs!!

  5. Jonesy says:

    Omg! Thank you so so much for the link! You are the best…and ummm all of your children are PRECIOUS.