brady’s birth story | part II

our hospital stay is always enjoyable- the most amazing nurses and staff that take care of us and this time around we were blessed with some of the same nurses and techs that took care of us the first time around with the twins.  the first couple days after delivery went by so quickly and I didn’t take a ton of pictures of our newest and sweetest baby boy really until day three.  
I had started to feel better, my milk came in, and baby Brady was just along for the ride. 
he had swallowed a bit of amniotic fluid at birth (which is very common in c-sections, although I had never experienced it) and was a little stuffy and snorted like a baby piglet for a couple days until all that resolved itself.  thankfully it didn’t affect his suck/swallow/breathe abilities so we weren’t too worried about the fact that he was having a little trouble breathing through his nose. 
he did show some signs of reflux here and there, so we were keeping a close eye on him.
since we have been home he hasn’t shown any signs of reflux, so we (along with his pediatrician) think that it was directly related to the extra fluid.
the days were filled with my OB and his on-call pediatrician visiting first thing in the morning.. nurse check-in’s throughout the day, grey’s anatomy reruns and fixer upper, and walking laps around the unit in between cat naps with a baby on my chest.
eat. sleep. repeat.

 just as his sisters before him.. food prints in his daddy’s + Papa’s Bible!

 our last full day in the hospital and I was finally feeling “good”.  getting out bed and walking the halls was so beneficial in my recovery with Baker and the twins, but this time it took me so much longer to get out of bed.

my sweet little squishy!! from the hospital bed to the chair.. I was making progress, people!

his hair.  
I cant get enough of that hair!!

 we didn’t have guests that last day..aside from Ashley + Grayson making a quick stop that evening to bring us dinner.  the hospital food is actually really delicious, but both of us were kind of over it.
PLUS it was also the best to watch Grayson with baby Brady
heart eyes!
(his big bro status changes in just a few short months)

..speaking of auntie and uncle j.. the girls had THE best time with them while we were away at the hospital.  Ash + J graciously took our brood of babes for a few days and treated them to the most fun.  they loved every minute of it!

 bathtime!  Baker and Grayson look SO big in this picture.
where did our babies go!

we had a few other visitors while we were in the hospital:
Brady’s Nana (my mom)

 Duke (my dad)

BB + Papa (Jordan’s mom and dad)

Teresa (pseudo grandparent and BB’s best girlfriend!)

..and Amy came to visit, too!

I was sad we missed snapping a picture of a few folks that came by but so thankful they were able to come and get a peek of Brady before we went home!

finally friday came and we were busting out of that hospital joint!!
we were so ready to get home to those three girls with our baby boy.

we arrived home around 5pm on Friday evening to a busy house of excited girls.  Baker was beside herself with excitement and we literally made it three steps into the door before she was insisting on seeing her new baby brother.  we sat his carseat on the counter and let the big girls and Baker hop up there to see him again for the first time since they met him just a few days before.  the only way we could peel Baker away was to promise her first dibs on holding him.
exhibit A:

once again she floored us with her sweetness and interest in Brady.  I didn’t, for one second, think my 20 month old would understand at all whatsoever about her new sibling and I prayed it would go okay and not a complete disaster when we brought Brady home.  oh but I was totally wrong.
she’s been amazing with him.

 ..and of course the twins are totally smitten!! looking back at these first moments home with Baker the twins have grown SO MUCH!

recovery continues.  everyday I’m doing better and better.  I know I’m not the first mama to birth four babes via c-section, but man this time was so tough.  I am finally feeling much better and have been able to stay off the pain meds for the last couple days.  I have said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t know what I would do without Jordan and his amazing fatherhood role he plays so well.  he has been home for almost 2 weeks with us and he lets me sleep when Brady sleeps and has taken on full care with the twins and Baker while I and tending to our newest tiny one.  I have loved every moment of watching him interact with all of our girls.  I couldn’t do any of this without the help he gives.

our big girls continue to impress me on a regular basis and LOVE Brady fiercely!  they get so excited when he’s awake, which happens about an hour or so everyday.
“can I see him with his eyes open!?” 
I cannot believe how well they have taken to having a baby in the house.  Baker adores him and is so interested in being near him anytime she can.  I share with them a tremendous amount of interaction with Brady, keeping them involved, which I think has helped.  the first (or second? I’m losing track of time..) night we were home Baker was climbing all over my back while I sat on the floor doing puzzles and I told her about ‘mommy’s boo-boo‘ and that it hurts when she climbs on me that way.. she trotted off and came back dragging her Doc McStuffin’s crash cart and proceeded to check me out.
oh Baker girl.  you continue to make life fun.. and I am so excited for your big sister status.
we are a family of SIX.
I couldn’t feel more blessed.

March 31, 2017

  1. Ashley D says:

    these pics!! love all those big girls & babe XoXo

  2. Those photos of Baker with Brady are so sweet! She looks so excited! Glad everyone is adjusting well and that you are starting to feel better! It was sweet to see those photos of your parents with him too! 🙂

  3. Grace says:

    That picture of Baker holding her arms out to hold Brady is easily the cutest thing I've ever seen!

  4. Jaime says:

    Love the coming home outfit! Where is that adorable hat from? We're expecting a baby boy in May!

  5. The picture of the girls holding Brady made me tear up!! So so precious! So happy for your family!

  6. those are just the sweetest days! how special they will forever be!