weekend in pictures

whew!  its monday!  these days are all running together.. anyone else??  this weekend was amazing.. low key and filled with all the “normal” things.  if you follow me on Instagram (masseya) you probably caught a lot of these photos on my stories so here they are again.we spent the entire weekend celebrating our main squeeze!  Friday was Jordan’s actual birthday..and after I got home from my shift at the hospital we were both all about the takeout menu and DVR. date night sounded good for about half a second.. but when you have three kids + growing a human.. pajama pants and wooly socks sound so much better after a long week. saturday we spent the morning finishing up projects around the house.. I made a grocery list, folded laundry that had been sitting in the dryer since Tuesday and Jordan worked on getting the final coats of paint on the twins’ bunk beds.. the girls have been sleeping on their mattresses on our floor for like four days and I think we are all ready for everyone to be back in their own rooms.  that afternoon we headed to church and then out to dinner for some Tex-Mex and ice cream afterwards, per Jordan’s request.  Tex-Mex is always on the menu. we will never get enough and that is why we will never move out of Texas- ha! sunday morning was gloomy + drizzly.. and kinda chilly.  we made plans earlier in the week to go to the zoo and a little rain wasn’t going to stop us from keeping those plans!  well. it ended up pouring on us about 10 minutes after walking into the zoo gates but thankfully Jordan brought the giant umbrella and we huddled under it until it subsided. 
practical is his middle name.
its been since the beginning of summer that we made a trip to the zoo and it seemed like the big girls had completely forgotten about what they had seen before..and Baker has entered this entirely new world of toddlerhood and so every second of it was FUN. lunch was Texas BBQ over a giant baked potato, fruit, chicken nuggets with about a gallon of ketchup a side of chips.. and sugary soda, duh. $41 later we were full to the brim and ready to see some more animals. Parker would not stop talking about the alligators and Jolie wanted to see the zebras but decided that the alligator was the COOLEST thing she had ever seen. Baker basically had a stroke over the zebras and the wrestling baby elephants (which was absolutely darling) and hated every second of the bat cave and bugs.  I feel ya. girlfriend.
heading home we had a carful of sleeping babies. we decided that a drive thru starbucks for a shot of caffeine to hold us over through the evening was a great idea as we chatted about how relaxing and fun  the weekend was.  even if it was filled with a whole lot of nothing, we were together. We have come to this point in our lives/relationship that gifts and celebrations fall backseat to actual time spent together, both as a couple and as a family.  I kept telling Jordan that I was sorry for not having a stack of birthday gifts for him to open but he reassured me that this weekend was everything he wanted it to be.
he’s the best.  and we couldn’t ask for anything more.
my back is killing me today from all the walking, but that’s what I get for thinking that being 9 months pregnant and going to the zoo was an excellent idea.  Monday always comes too quick.

March 6, 2017

  1. Chelsea says:

    You are so cute 🙂 You go momma taking the girls to the zoo.. On the weekend I don't want to do much.. 3 weeks left!!!

  2. Quality time is the BEST with family. We are starting to realize this with all the toddler craziness. It's the little things and the memories that matter the most. Baker's face at the zoo is the most precious thing. So much excitement!

  3. Manders says:

    Such a cute family! Do you still work full time? I still remember when my hubs and I came to the same conclusion. Family and together time…are so much better than gifts. I feel like we have a lifetime to do gifts. But only a short time with our kids being little.

  4. amber says:

    Manders- thanks! I work about 32 hrs/week:)