brady jordan | one month

I’ll just go ahead and admit that this last month has been the fastest four weeks of my life.  I cannot believe Brady is already growing out of his newborn sleepers + onesies and slowly filling out the next size up.  newborn diapers are getting snug and while I feel like I was just getting to see his sweet face like last week, he’s changed so much since we first met him one month ago!
I am pretty sure we have arm rolls.
..and leg rolls 
..working on a double chin.
..and praying to the hair gods that his hair stays put.
he’s cuter by the day- so many heart eyes!
he’s also been putting in good work on filling out all these baby boy things I have hanging in his closet that swallow him whole at the moment.
we visited the pediatrician and Brady is growing like a little weed!  he’s gained about two pounds in three weeks!!
Brady at ONE month
Weight: 9 pounds 9 ounces (35th percentile)
Birth: 7 lbs 4 oz
Height: 22 in (57th percentile)
Birth: 20 in
Head: 37.5 cm (27th percentile)
Birth: 34.5 cm
at Brady’s two week appointment we started him on reflux medication (its a baby version similar to Zantac) and have since seen some improvement!  we bumped his dose to 1.25mls twice every day and hopefully he will see even more relief.  all of my babes have had a touch a reflux, getting worse with each kiddo and we’ve never medicated until now.  Brady continues to have some episodes of reflux straight into his nasal passage (rather than out his mouth) making it really hard for him to breathe- so we were ready to seek out any and all options our pediatrician had to offer.  we’ve definitely been challenged with keeping him comfortable and elevated after he eats but the medication makes the reflux less often than it was, which allows all of us peace of mind.
this boy loveeees to eat.  a lot.  from the moment he and I met for skin to skin to practice just minutes after he was born he was ready – nearly a perfect latch from the get go (which I know is not common and such a blessing for the both of us).  my milk started to come in on day 2 and finally to the full amount by day 3 (I was really dehydrated from being sick after surgery so it took awhile compared to Baker’s delivery) and memory hormones recalled again what my supply was from previous experiences with breastfeeding the girls.  I asked for a pump to help relieve some of the pressure after feeding Brady and came home with over 20 ounces of milk to store.. just as I had with Baker before.  breastfeeding has continued to go well over these last four weeks.  Brady eats about every 3 hours during the day and will sleep in 4-5 hours stretches between feedings throughout the night.  this last week Brady has been hard pressed to eat every 2 hours and I’m offering as often as he needs!  his raspy hangry cry is that of a baby lion and in the evenings he wants nothing else but to nurse for hours and hours.. which is fine when Jordan is around to help me with the girls while I’m posted up on the couch with a baby on the boob, but when he’s gone for 24 hours and I’m solo it can be a leeeetle stressful.  needless to say, this first growth spurt has left me pretty exhausted, but we are surviving!
we are still a couple weeks away from focusing on any kind of “play”, but Brady is starting to be awake much more throughout the day and so we plan to start tummy time soon!  Brady has started to focus in on objects close to his face and respond to light (television/ceiling fans) and acknowledge a familiar voice.  he loves to be held and close by to someone so he feels safe and will just hang out and observe his surroundings while on my lap or being cuddled by the big sisters. 
Brady is slowly coming out of the “sleepy newborn” stage and finds himself is awake during the daytime hours for about 45 minutes to an hour between feedings.  he often will fall sleep the last 45 minutes to an hour before he’s ready to eat again..and other times he will fight the sleep and cry and cry in exhaustion.  he wants to be held for every nap and that just doesnt work when I need to tend to the other three!  so we have been making it work thanks to the solly wrap– homeboy is strapped to my chest for about half the day so I have two hands to manage the rest of the crew. 
at night Brady will sleep about 3.5-4.5 hours after the last feeding before I go to bed, which has been about 11pm at night.  we’ve started a nighttime routine with him that includes a warm bath and rubdown with lavender lotion before I nurse him to sleep.  we have found that he sleeps amazing the first half of the night when we do this!  usually waking between 3:30-4:30am to eat he will go back down to sleep immediately.  occasionally, about 15 minutes after I lay him down, I’ll hear him snorting and having a rough time trying to breathe through his nose. so I know he has refluxed and thats when he ends up sleeping on our chest for about an hour or so before we are able to lay him back down.  after the first feeding of the morning (often between 6am-7am) he will go back to sleep for about an hour and then lay away until its time to eat again.  I’ve been pumping every single morning after that first feeding because thats when my supply is the greatest and I’m determined to build up my stash in the freezer and to help continue my good supply as he grows and needs more. 
you have some major fan girls in this house! I remember how the big girls loved on Baker when she first came home from the hospital and I hoped and prayed when you arrived that all three of them would love you the same! I have never seen your older sisters love and adore something or someone so much.  Baker is your biggest fan!  her constant requests for hugs and sugars.. “let me seeeee!” she exclaims and I about die when she lays her little hands on your face in admiration.  nothing in my wildest dreams could have prepared me for this kind of gentle sweetness coming from her and projected onto you.  your sisters break out in giggles when you start to root on their face and really are convinced that you are kissing them back.
I have so much pride when I see those three dote on you all day long.
you are totally in for a lifetime of this, and I’m more than excited to see you all grow up together.
diaper changes + hunger + gas pains get you worked up the most.  your lion roar is loud and raspy and the moment your dad or myself pick you up the cries stop.  so, you’ve got a cozy place in the wrap many hours in the day and no one is complaining about those snuggles!
you had many “firsts” this month!
we visited daddy at the fire station and while you slept the afternoon away everyone was so glad to have been able to meet you:)
the big sisters were proud to show you off, too!!
we also took you to your first baseball game!  we left the big girls with your BB + Papa for the afternoon and daddy and I had the best time letting you tag along for the day!  we daydreamed and chit chatted of your future in playing little league.. I never thought that being your mama would bring so much more joy than I already have with your sisters.  
you are something special, sweet guy. 

you have the most expressive facial movements – I love love love your sleepy grins, wrinkling of your nose, and pursing of your lips.  when you give us a glimpse of your eyes we cant help but notice how much you resemble your sisters!
I really see the perfect blend of Jolie, Parker and Baker in you.  in one moment I see an exact replica of Miss Parker Jane – your eyes are set apart just like Parker’s and your sweet little perky nose is nearly identical to Baker Bree’s!  that permanent scowl that you wear is straight from Jolie.. she scowled for the first four months of life, and it seems you are doing the same.  but also.. your lips + chin resemble your eldest sis the most. 
I really cannot wait to see what month 2 has to bring – oh how you will grow and change over the next four weeks my little man caboose. 
we love you so, Brady Jordan!

April 20, 2017

  1. shae99 says:

    My son had awful reflux…mostly silent and it was tremendously stressful. We bad to use need for about 6 months or so. The rock n play was our best friend because it kept him elevated after a feeding. Nothing worse than hearing your baby gasp for air because they've had a reflux episode..hes so sweet and precious..congrats on all the baby love ����

  2. Tola says:

    Aww his so precious! My daughter has reflux too, she is just a week behind Brady so if you can share what you guys are using to help him I would really appreciate it.

  3. Janelle says:

    I'm a fire fighter wife too who has been reading along. My 11 month old has'reflux (and a host of Gi/eating issues) that was very severe when he was younger. Our pediatrician prescribed a reflux wedge and tucker sling combo. You can order them online, or if you have a script insurance will likely cover it. Ours has been a life saver. It kept our little guy comfortable, cut down on the many hours of nighttime screaming, and helped keep him safe (he would choke on his reflux and it could get a little scary). Just thought I would share the info, because I really feel for families who have a reflux baby!

  4. Kimberly R. says:

    I've been following your blog for a while and your family is absolutely precious!
    I'm a medical student at an osteopathic school in north Texas, and we recently learned about gentle techniques that are useful for treating reflux in newborns. That maybe something to look into! You could go to a D.O. physician who does OMT (osteopathic manipulative treatment) on their patients. Irritation of cranial nerve X (vagus nerve) can lead to GI upset and reflux, so removing any restrictions around the occipital condyles can allow for proper functioning of the nerves that travel through that area 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  5. I have been meaning to ask where your master bedroom quilt is from. Now that our nursery remodel is done I'm itching to re-do our room.

  6. Chrissy H says:

    He is absolutely precious. How do you like your dock a tot? I just ordered one in sheer desperation for sleep. Lol

  7. Megan Davis says:

    Where did you get your nursing cover you're wearing in one of the baseball game pics?