Brady’s Industrial Farmhouse Nursery

when we found out this fourth baby was indeed a BOY I was at a giant loss for how we would decorate his space in this house.  I only spoke the girl language and entering into this boy territory was 100% new to me.  I did have a secret board on pinterest with baby boy things pinned here and there in hopes we would be blessed with a little guy one day, but nothing cohesive.  
the day before we hosted our surprise gender reveal I drove to Waco with my girlfriend, Misty, to spend the day at the Magnolia Silos.  walking through the pavilions I stumbled upon a wood and iron towel rack sitting against the wall on the floor.  I look one look and thought.. 
this would be so fun for a baby boy room.  
I decided right then and there I was going to buy it and if I was pregnant with a girl it would be fine in our guest bathroom as an actual towel rack. but for a boy- I loved the idea of having a room with an industrial and modern feel, with a touch a farmhouse style.
it makes me laugh to think that
his entire nursery inspiration came from a towel rack..
that you’ll see that I’ve repurposed into the perfect bookshelf.
his room is the smallest room in the house- it was originally the office (that was never an office) and already had existing dark wood shutters, so adding in the stained wood component was easy for a boy nursery!  the original closet door opened up onto the largest wall of the room- pretty much the only wall that would work for a crib so my first thought was to take the door off and have an open closet system in place rather than have the door taking up wall space.  pinterest inspired me with all kinds of amazing and organized closet spaces and while this was a really fun option for his nursery I wasn’t totally sold because..
well, I’m not that organized to keep his closet looking in tip top shape all the time.  when brittany was taking photos of his room she asked me if I wanted pictures of the inside of his closet and I laughed and said.. “SURE, just don’t capture the the giant mess in the bottom”

early in my pregnancy I was introduced to Nick Knabe and his adorable wife Caitlin.  they are amazingly talented in creating custom sliding barn wood doors right out of their own garage!  after realizing that the open closet really wasn’t for me, I enjoyed working with them to create the best option for the small space we had for Brady’s room.  they included me in every detail.. right down to the cut, style, and stain of the door.  it turned out absolutely PERFECT!  
the day after Brady was born we had these detail pictures taken in the hospital with visions of creating a collage of canvas prints to hang above his crib along with a custom wood name sign from tucker up & co.  while his nursery was “finished” in the several weeks leading up to his birth, it was the hanging of these prints and that gorgeous bronze cloud mobile from baby jives co. that pulled the entire room together.

in the two nurseries before Brady’s I have always invested in full crib bedding right down to the crib skirt.  and I always end up pulling out everything but the sheet when I transition them to the crib.
I was totally fine skipping all that this time around and choosing a couple of really cute sheets for his crib instead.

this chair.
definitely the greatest splurge in the room! its roomy and SO comfortable.

when we were cleaning out this room to begin preparing to turn it into a nursery we opened up a box of Jordan’s old school projects, photos, and these baby shoes.  I was so excited to be able to figure out a way to incorporate a little bit of his daddy into Brady’s nursery!

I sat in here many days before Brady was born simply because I have fallen in love with his baby boy space.  I think I’ve done this with every child.. sitting and soaking in the idea of having a newborn (or two!) in their special room created specifically with them in mind. 
photography by b faith photography
wall paint // SW dorian gray
crib // Walmart
canvas prints // canvas on demand via groupon
custom “BRADY” wood sign c/o tucker up & co.
cloud mobile // baby jives co.
faux fur throw pillows // hobby lobby (similar)
crib sheet // modern burlap 
crib blanket c/o dwell darling
area rug // at home
“brady” step stool c/o smiling tree toys
custom barn wood door c/o knabe woodwork
rocking chair // target
panda plush // mila’s zoo 
leather pouf // world market
moses basket c/o plum + sparrow
wood + iron clock // at home
table lamp // at home
wood side table // at home
blanket ladder//  six eleven co.
large bolga basket c/o baby jives
corduroy lion // land of nod
chasing table // garage sale
wire baskets // at home (similar)
mirror // world market
framed tile c/o vine + branches tx
bookshelf // magnolia market
“brady” blocks c/o smiling tree toys 
 iron shelf // hobby lobby
wooden “B” // weirs furniture
pacifier clips c/o ryan + rose
leather shoes c/o sweet + swag
changing pad cover // modfox
you are loved” custom sign c/o knabe woodwork

April 10, 2017

  1. LOVE this room! Honestly this is my fav nursery you've done and opened my eyes to my future nursery! I think this is such a great style/colour scheme that will work for years to come!! Every piece is so perfect, custom and personalized….he's one lucky lil dude!!! Sooo stunning and can't wait to see what else you have planned for your lil munchkins!!

  2. This is just the cutest!! So different to your normal blue nursery. Will definitely be take inspiration from this!!