Easter 2017

the days after a holiday weekend are SO slow.  yesterday was filled with rainy day snuggles and bottomless coffee.  Jordan was at the fire station and the girls and I.. plus the teeny baby boy didn’t leave the house.  Baker didn’t even get up until almost 11am!  
Easter weekend was beautiful and filled with family, friends, and so much fun!
Saturday started bright and early with brunch + egg hunts with our Supper Club crew. we have made the effort this last year to get the kids together for holidays and its proven to be SO rich and so much fun for all of us!  we ate waffles + bacon, dyed easter eggs (which Parker and Jolie have never done before!) and hid eggs in the front yard of the Tapella’s house for the kiddos to find.  there were also a couple dozen confetti eggs and everyone had the best time smashing them on each other’s heads.. I am still fishing confetti out of Jolie’s hair two shampoos later:)

the guys and their toys. Trav has a new drone he’s been playing with.. the boys were totally intrigued.  the best part: he was able to video the entire “egg hunt” from above. SO cool!
 we even were able to take the greatest selfie with that drone.
Supper Club Easter 2017
   after brunch we headed over to meet the Massey’s for Easter Linner (lunch + dinner)!  we ate ham , mashed potatoes.. and chowed down on deviled eggs!  we hid more eggs in the front yard for another hunt with the cousins.. holidays are the BEST time with kiddos involved.

 the egg hunt LOOT! we didn’t make it out to any public egg hunts this year, but hiding eggs in the front yard was just a much fun and way less stressful than the big hunts with masses of people and not enough eggs.

 I swear the bloopers are almost more fun than the posed..
 covered in babies from head to toe.. I am loving every moment of this chaos.
Sunday morning we got up and barely made it to service on time..and then headed across the street to 7 mile cafe, which has turned into our new favorite brunch spot.  we find a reason to go just about once a week!  their chicken ‘n waffles is my FAVorite and Jordan loves the biscuits and gravy.. but they have about 5 different Eggs Benedict options on their menu, too.. and they are all delicious! 
 we spent the rest of the afternoon at home with just the 6 of us.  we dug into the Easter baskets, watched movies, and hung outside on the patio because the weather was just right.  you could tell it was about the rain because the coolness in the air but it held out until later int he evening.  Brady looked absolutely darling for his first Easter.. I am totally having the best time dressing this little guy. now if only he would start filing out all these clothes I have for him:)

I hope you all had the most beautiful Easter!

April 18, 2017

  1. Ash. says:

    How do you not die at Parker's expressions? She is such a funny girl. And that bow tie on Brady!? So, so cute!! Totally craving chicken and waffles now. Uhh yummm.

  2. …..that family photo….I just can't!!!!! Too cute!!!!! Ps baby boy bow tie= dying over here!!!!