baby boy essentials with Carter’s

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    thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

    my absolute favorite go-to when dressing my girls in their first year (and beyond) has been Carter’s.  when Parker and Jolie were born, there wasn’t a whole lot that fit them outside of Carter’s brand- they were so teeny tiny at just 4 pounds and 5 pounds! they wore their babysoft sets, sleep and plays, and the original bodysuit well through their first year of life, and Baker followed suit with the sweetest hand-me-downs fitting her like a glove.
    during a baby’s first year, its all about the baby essentials, fit for any occasion, and Carter’s always has what I’m looking for.  I appreciate the one-stop-shop, and no one does the coordinating outfits better than Carter’s.. even with the newest addition being a baby boy!

    when we found out we were pregnant with Brady I was clueless on how I wanted to dress him.  there were so many options and styles.. and ya’ll, I was really good at dressing three girls.  what was I going to do with a boy??  building a collection of baby boy clothes was totally new for me!  but I knew, without a doubt, that my first go-to would be Carter’s.
    it has been SO FUN.  so, so fun!  

I stocked up on all the adorable newborn clothes to fill Brady’s empty drawers with visions of him wearing them soon.. and here we are with an 8 week old Brady in our arms and I cannot get enough of how precious he looks wearing these comfy clothes!  he’s changing by the day and his most recent milestone is learning to play and interact with all of us- his little voice is just the sweetest! and he’s growing like a weed- I mean.. where did those cheeks come from?!  time if flying and snapping these memories of my fourth baby’s first play time on a quilt under his little play gym will be something I won’t forget.  I have pictures of all four of my kiddos playing like this and wearing a Carter’s sleep and play or onesie..
Carter’s has been along for the ride since the very beginning.
the warm weather is here, so whether we are playing in the coolness of the house or at the park, dousing ourselves in bubbles, or going on family dates to Costco- which always turns into 2 hour expeditions and scarfing slices of pizza while loading the groceries and wrangling babies into car seats, I really focus on dressing my kids for comfort.  side note: Costco pizza is WAY delicious.  
I’m so hungry.. getting back on track here.. of course I want them all to look super cute, but lightweight and breathable is key.  I also need to make things easy on me. with four kids under my feet, it is a lot to worry about when it comes to getting dressed let alone making decisions on what all four of them will wear.. just to the make a trip to the store or post office.. or Starbucks!  it can be a bit overwhelming..which is why there are (many) days they don’t get out of their jammies!

I think, as mom’s, we all go through seasons of change.  walking into this stage of motherhood, welcoming a fourth baby, is absolutely the most crazy its ever felt for me as a mom.  I feel like I’m in survival mode and going through the motions to get through the day. it is true that our life is more like controlled chaos and less like the rainbows and unicorns it might seem to be, but I am counting every single day as part of something that I wouldn’t change for the world, will never forget, and I never ever want to take these moments for granted.  these babies are the lead characters in 4 years worth of the most colorful memories one can imagine and I couldn’t be more thankful for the woman I have evolved to since becoming a mother.  these days I find myself seeking grace, patience, and joy in all these little moments that I would have never noticed before having kids. 
I don’t even remember what life was like without them!
these little faces that bring so much happiness into this house and its hard to say that I don’t want 4 more.. Jordan may loose his mind, but a girl can dream, right?
one of the best parts about shopping Carter’s are the affordable prices.. and even more so when there is a coupon code involved!  ya’ll, I appreciate coupons and discounts because.. FOUR kids! holla!
Click HERE for 20% off your entire purchase online and in stores:)

in the meantime I’ll be over here sobbing in my third cup of coffee because Brady has grown out of his newborn size clothes and is fittingly way too well in size 3 months.  babies don’t keep!
thats the truth!

photos by b faith photography

May 17, 2017

  1. I am obsessed with Carters! I have so many coupons to that store that I don't even know what to do with myself. Hahaha.
    Is that a playmat or a quilt he is laying on? I am in love with it!

  2. His facial expressions are seriously the cutest!!