one very proud wife

we’ve had a heck of a day over here and I’ve been trying to get this post up since early this morning but when the opportunity presented itself for a shower, I took it. and then the rest of today happened and here I am typing up this blog post while the girls eat dinner and with a milk drunk baby sleeping on my chest.  the blog comes second (or third..or fourth), sometimes. 
I am always, always, always in awe of what my husband does for a living.  I often forget what his job actually entails on a daily basis and when I can get Jordan on the phone while he’s on shift its usually filled with a plethora and variety of stories of his day.  
sometimes he runs into burning buildings.
sometimes he saves a man from a heart attack. 
..and sometimes he helps an elderly woman fill her prescriptions at Walmart.
he’s even saved a kitten from a tree. 
all in a day’s work. 
this guy is my hero.  he is today.  he was yesterday. and will be again tomorrow.
on a day back in February Jordan made many calls, both fire and medical- including one that he was honored for this week by the city of Irving, where he works as a firefighter (driver) paramedic. 
he saved someone’s life.
he pulled a very confused and combative man out of a burning car.
..and he did it without thinking twice.
because thats his job.
 a diabetic man became very confused due to low blood sugar and ran into a parked car causing it to combust into flames. he was confused and didn’t understand the danger of the situation and refused to come out of the car.  although uninjured from the actual accident, he was in and out of consciousness because of the smoke inhalation and low blood sugar
police that arrived first on the scene and used several fire extinguishers attempting to keep the flames under control until IFD got there.  the car continued to deteriorate and the tires exploded and then the gas tank.. Jordan was able to get inside the car to unbuckle the man and pull him out of the vehicle to safety.
he earned a life saving merit of honor by both the fire department and the police department for that day. they all work together and the policemen that arrived first on the scene were impressed with how well Jordan handled the situation, but the first thing out of Jordan’s mouth was that he couldn’t have saved the guy’s life without the policemen keeping the fire controlled the best that they could before they arrived.

 we were able to view the body cam footage and this is a screen grab of Jordan rescuing the man.
to be honest I cried watching the entire thing.. the man was screaming from the can barely make out what is even on fire because the car was completely engulfed in flames and smoke- the repeat explosions and organized panic of the officers (who were WAY more calm than I can believe) was just overwhelming to watch. 
I, emotionally and physically,  couldn’t make it through a single day in Jordan’s world on the job.
today is international firefighter’s day.
I salute my husband and all those servicemen and women that risk their lives everyday on the job.
so thankful for you, J.

May 5, 2017

  1. Beyond blessed by these service men and women that put their lives on the line for others. Thank you to Jordan, and all others out there from my family to yours. Incredibly thankful for them all!

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. So thankful for such selfless people that put their life on the line for all of us. My husband is a volunteer firefighter, he has a regular business job but also risks his life as a firefighter on a daily for no pay, and it astonishes me to see him do that for others. May God always bless and protect those who do.

  3. What a beautiful post – big congrats to your husband!