12 years (8/13/2005)

12 years of marriage.
we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and yet Jordan has remained by my side through it all.
the good times have been AMAZING + great.
the bad times have been heartbreaking + confusing + sad.
but we remain a unit and a team.
life is a joint effort between this handsome guy I call my husband and I absolutely wouldn’t be able to get through it without him- he’s the glue that holds all the pieces together, you guys.
taking a look back..
I’ve got (digital) pictures from about year three of our marriage to now.. and we were BABIES
this weekend we spent time away from the kiddos. we got a hotel room in downtown dallas and went out with friends to the house of blues.  Brittany’s husband Tanner is an amazing musician (Texas country.. think: Pat Green) and he was opening for Mike Ryan on Saturday night, so we HAD to go out and support!!  
::check out his debut album This Town HERE::
we got a night without kids. and it was the best! 
we got dressed up and ready to ‘party’ like adults without kids might like to do..
we started the night with dinner at Stampede 66.. a mix of Texas + Louisiana + Mexico.. true southern flavors.  Jordan had the chicken fried buffalo + mashed potatoes + green pea salad and I enjoyed the best shrimp and grits I’ve ever eaten! 
with full bellies and a bottle of wine later we hit the HOB and waited for Tanner to take the stage. 
his friends and family were all there to support- seeing many that we recognized and knew from other family events (i.e. birthday parties..) but don’t get to hang out with very often made the time even more fun.
selfie in the elevator at 2:30AM.  like we were 20 and 23 again.
except I’m about to be 33 with four kids at home and was desperate for my breast pump and pajama pants when we got back to the hotel room- ha!
Sunday morning came much too quick after pouring ourselves into bed after 2AM.  I’m getting so old.  the 32 year old self wished she would have given us a curfew on Saturday night to take advantage of getting all the sleep that I’m not getting at home:) cant hang like I used to!
nothing an amazing Sunday brunch couldn’t cure.  we hit up Breadwinners before heading back to the ‘burbs and back to the babes. 
this is 12 years.  the good, the bad + the ugly.
but mostly the GREAT.
happy anny, babe.

August 14, 2017

  1. HAPPY 12 YEARS! What a full life you've built together.

  2. So sweet! Happy anniversary!