five on friday

baker’s first week if preschool!
Baker had the BEST week!  she started a Mother’s Day Out program at a church up the street from our house and oh my goodness I am so excited for her this year!  Tuesday and Thursday from 9a-2pm Baker will be in a classroom with about 12 other kiddos her age to grow and play with.she loved carrying in her “pack-pack” and her purse (lunchbox).. she talked about her teachers and playtime and most of all about eating “MAH WUNCH!” sweet girl gets nervous at drop off and cries when I leave, but just a few minutes after I’m gone her sweet teacher, Miss Autumn, is sending me happy pictures of our Baker girl.

bows // clip // shortalls // tank onesie // sneakers (similar)

her nervous habit- hands in her mouth.

by day two this week she had the routine down for the morning and was off to her second day of school.  love this girl and I’m excited to watch her grown and change this year!
first taste of fall!
my favorite time of the year is HERE!
I’m as basic as it gets when it comes to the fall season- right down to my coffee!  I try to stick to the lower cal options at Starbucks, and usually go with the skinny caramel macchiato, but this time of year I get picky when I order!  I’m not a PSL kind of girl, just too sweet for my taste, I suppose, but I do LOVE salted caramel mocha! I got a ton of questions about how I order my coffee drink after I posted this to my IG stories! I ordered it with skim milk, no whip cream, and sub out the regular for sugar free mocha syrup! AND my shirt is from Albion fit!  its long enough to cover my rear when I wear leggings and the thumb holes are everything this time of year! I actually bought this tee when I was pregnant with Brady last Fall and was excited to pull it out for the chilly mornings we’ve been having. find the exact top HEREand more colors HERE.
use code MASSEYA15 for 15% off your purchase!

one hundred.
I hit 100 check-ins this week at camp gladiator! that means I have completed 100 hours of butt busting workouts over the last year or so and I have never felt so amazing in my life!  they kinda make it a ‘big deal’ when you have your 100th check in and all I have to say is that there was WAY too much excitement going on at 5:30am that morning!

fall fashion
AGAIN.  another reason why this time if year is my FAVORITE.  the clothes!!  working at Stitch Fix,  I love all the clothes..but the fall and winter apparel are AMAZING and those are my favorite Fixes to style. from cardigans to booties to sweaters to flannels!  I got my Fix this week (I styled myself!) and it was filled with a bomber jacker, flannel with elbow patches (!!!) and the coolest moto leather leggings evaa.
these zoey sunnies from DIFF landed on my doorstep this week and, y’all.. I have about 6 pairs from DIFF and while I love all of them THESE are my favorite!  a good friend mentioned that they look like fall and I 100% agree!! you can use code AMBER25 at checkout to get 25% off a pair for yourself!
sunnies // flannel

ALSO. I feel like I’m living with the CAPS LOCK on because I just cannot get over how amazing all the fall drops have been!  I got these sweet little digs for Brady this week from Zara and I’m obsessed!!


festive jams
last but not least.. its September, which means it completely appropriate to pull out the halloween jams.  happy Friday, folks!  go on and get a little festive!


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September 8, 2017


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