Christmas Gift Guide for Girls | 4-6 years

for the little girls in your life I’m sharing our Christmas wishlist for Parker and Jolie! some of these cross over for Baker at 2.5 years but I really tried to be practical this year.  the girls have SO much stuff..and most of it they play with for 4 days and then forget about it.  I am SO over these kind of toys.  so I thought through items they’ll get some great use out of with a few fun things Santa will bring!  I texted a girlfriend of mine, after being completely overwhelmed by the mess that was in our playroom at that moment, that I was vowing for NO TOYS at Christmas.  she politely reminded me to focus on practical items with a little fun included.. so here it is! 

no-lace New Balance sneakers :: like mama like daughter(s)!  I truly prefer these sneakers to come in my size but they don’t.. SO I’m just going to vicariously live through Parker and Jolie’s feet.  THEY ARE DARLING. we have bought new balance in the past and they hold up very well- these will be great for the spring and summer, too!

knit slippers :: okay.. I have a confession.  slippers might very well be on every single gift guide I share 🙂 how cute are these??  and the price is awesome, too!  those Saturday morning target trips in our jammies with a pit stop at the donut shop in our town will be so much cuter if the girls are wearing these! ooh, and they’ll keep their little feets warm, too. thats important!

a little lady shop bows :: we have worn a lot of bows and have a ton to choose from, but we always go back to a handful of favorites.  these a little lady shop bows are high quality and she adds velcro to the inside of the clips so it stays put- I have almost never had a LLS bow fall out of my girls’ hair!  and for a little glam for your girl, you guys need to check out Shelby Chic Boutique! I love her sparkle bows!

sweet pea cottage doll house :: the most darling little dollhouse!  we decided to get all three girls this house simply because its $50 and relatively small.  I envision them setting them up together like a little village to play! there are some amazing dollhouses out there with a hefty price tag but I really love these for what they are and the price is within reason.

calico critters :: these little critters are everywhere.. and we might be a little late to the party but they are perfect for playing with the doll house!  and how CUTE are they?

festive jams :: always with the holiday jams. I buy the kids Christmas pajamas every year for wearing while baking sugar cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and all day on Christmas Day- pajamas are always an easy gift to give.

unicorn jelly cat :: unicorn everything in this house!  and this one is so precious! we love the quality of the jelly cat brand and I can’t wait to put these in the girls’ stockings with a gift card to the movies for a future big girl date!

double pom beanie :: if theres not a bow on it, there is a hat on it. accessories are a big deal to (me!!) and my girls!

VTECH Kidizoom watch :: I shared all about this watch HERE.  we still can’t stop playing with it.. and even Baker has come to figure out how to take pictures + video and play a few of the games with a little help from her big sisters.

boogie board :: we came across these while at bootcamp several weeks back.  one of the kiddos was playing with his boogie board and Jordan was so impressed by the simplicity and how much our girls loved playing with it, too!  it will be great for handwriting their letters and name and eventually for when the girls are in school and practicing math and art! this is another gift we bought all three girls.

November 29, 2017

  1. Chantal Trinka says:

    Thank you for this!! I’m always looking for creative gifts for my 4 year old daughter, it helps to have someone else’s perspective. So far I’ve got a fancy art kit, a nice watercolor notebook, a fidget spinner, new jammies, a couple Disney DVDs, and books. This will help round out my list perfectly!

  2. I can’t wait for your little guy(s) list! I did one a couple of weeks ago ( and had the best time coming up with ideas for boys. BUT….I’m terrible with little girls and have two nieces. Thanks, as always, for so candidly sharing!

    • amber says:

      great list! A lot of what you have selected we own already because Baker got lots last year and loves them:) So those are perfect options!

  3. with you on the new balance sneakers! just bought our harper a similar pair a few months back and LOVE them! she does too 😉