Halloween 2017 | Troll Squad

halloween was THE best day!!!  these holidays are getting better and better every year!  this year, when talking about halloween costume ideas, I let the big girls decide what they wanted to be.  Parker announced that she wanted to be POPPY.. but then Jolie insisted she wanted to be Poppy as well and we had a rather large cat fight over who was going to be the troll with the beloved pink hair.

I shut it down and made them pick something different than Poppy- no one was going to be that troll unless they could agree.  scrolling through pictures on Pinterest I got them excited about being one of the other troll characters and they loved the idea of the ‘connecting hair‘ of Satin and Chenille!!  Baker, naturally, was DJ Suki and Brady fell in line without a choice to be Branch:). not totally sure how I was going to pull off the connecting hair I promised, but after searching esty for weeks I found a local gal that makes THE most amazing wigs! AND she made Parker and Jolie’s connect with an extra scrap of hair!  I about died the first time I saw them all put together!  it was really cold and the weather forecast called for it to be pouring on Halloween this year so I got them dressed the day before for a handful of pictures.

June and January has the best basic clothes for kiddos this age- I went straight there for bloomers, tees, tights, and the cutest play dress for their costumes. the leaves on Brady’s shirt is actually a felt garland I found in the dollar section at Target (holla!) and BB tacked the leaves to his shirt and I grabbed a pair of shorties from odarling co and baby Branch was complete!

for a full link list, head to the bottom of the post!  

I was really bummed about the rain that was supposed to all but ruin halloween this year, BUT the rain started earlier than they suggested and stopped right before we went out!  it was chilly, but the rain cleared and we got the most amazing sunset view as we trick or treated! there are a TON of kids in our neighborhood which makes it that much more fun. 

we loaded up the red wagon and headed out to knock down some doors for that candy loot.  BB and Papa along with Aunt Cookie (Jordan’s aunt from Seattle) and Woogie (Jordans grandfather) came over to pass out candy while we made a trip around the neighborhood.  my brother Patrick and his darling girlfriend, Kayla came over to walk with us.. and it was the best time!!  Pat came as a banana and the amount of people that addressed him had me laughing the entire time- yes, he is a banana. 

Brady had his own bucket and the girls were so sweet to take it up to the door here and there.. and he had no problem digging into the bucket while we walked the sidewalks!we came home to chili in the crock pot and dove right into those candy buckets afterwards!

I blogged about this chili recipe HERE and I topped it with yummy sweet potato kettle chips for a different version of a frito pie:) it was THE perfect weather for warm chili in our bellies.  I think I might make that our Halloween tradition!

what about you guys- any halloween traditions you love??I hope everyone had such a fun amazing Halloween!!

photography by:: b faith photography

wigs //  fairy realm creations

costumes // June + January 

felt ears // kamry’s closet

fur leggings // p and the lion

pink headphones // target dollar spot

felt leaves // target dollar spot

metallic leg warmers // tiny little memories handmade

freckle tattoos

November 1, 2017

  1. so fun!! we had a poppy over here and how shocked i was to not see another little girl dressed as poppy while we were out trick or treating!!

    • amber says:

      same here! I honestly didn’t see a single Poppy troll! I thought for sure there would be more.

  2. Kelsey K says:

    So so cute. Chili on Halloween has also been my family’s tradition as long as I can remember!

  3. Lauren says:

    The CUTEST little trolls! We do chili on halloween too!

  4. Jill says:

    OMG! These Brady pictures had me laughing out loud! He makes the cutest little troll!

  5. Raegan says:

    PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! Seriously the cutest costumes ever!!

  6. Brenda S says:

    Such a beautiful family!!!
    Great job momma, I’m glad they had a wonderful Halloween.