photo every hour | Thanksgiving 2017

happy (day after) Thanksgiving!! we are slowly getting up this morning.. Brady slept 14 hours STRAIGHT and cinnamon rolls are in the oven as we speak! pouring my second cup of coffee to sit down and share our amazing Thanksgiving Day festivities with my favorite peeps.  I know I just did a ‘photo every hour’.. but its become sort of a thing for me to share holidays this way, so here we are again!


my morning started at 5am.. really at like 4am. Brady woke to eat and I made a huge mistake by opening my email and browsing through all the sales.. my mind started racing about Christmas shopping and, well, shopping in general and I had to get up.  we also had a really busy day ahead, so it was better that I went ahead and got going that early in the morning!


breakfast and coffee!  and preparing the blog for Black Friday!  I haven’t ever done a sale share before like this, but Ive had a lot ask me about it!  so stay tuned today for my sale page update! 


we got dressed in our most cozy outfits and headed to Dallas for the turkey trot!  we did this a couple years ago with the twins and I was very early pregnant with Baker and had such a good time.  last year we were bummed we didn’t get out here so this year we made a plan and we had so much fun!  60,000 people walking downtown Dallas on Thanksgiving morning!  we got out to the race right before 8am so we could pick up our race packets before the race started at 9am.

the twins’ hats are from pine and poppy shop!


there were a ton of dogs at the race and Jordan was kicking himself for not bringing Oscar along! Brady was beside himself with excitement over the dogs and all the people.. and sweet Baker was being BAKER. sobbing the entire morning. once she got a snack and a nap in her little body she was singing a different tune.

Baker and Brady’s hats are from sweet eloise designs!


time to race!  it took about 45 minutes to get across the START LINE because of all the people.. but we hung out , Brady had a bottle, and we sipped our coffee along with about 3 potty breaks while we waited for the crowd to die down and we crossed the start line without feeling like we were on top of everyone. Baker and Brady are just the sweetest.  she was so concerned about her little brother riding with her.  Baker’s onesie is from golden hill designsI’m also going to cheat and include another picture from the 9am hour.. peep the chick in the back. SMILE! she should have come around and helped to make my kids smile for the picture.

I got so many questions about my vest!  its from Mindy Mae’s Market and y’all, its UBER soft!  this is where I get all my hoodies from and everything I have gotten from them is TTS. they don’t have a Black Friday sale happening, but stay tuned for an epic Cyber Monday! my top is from Albion Fit (everything is 20% off!) and leggings are from BLANQI and they are ON SALE- 50% off of their leggings.  let me just inform you that pregnant or postpartum (even 8 months postpartum!) you need these leggings.  NEED THEM.


we be trottin’.


we finished! the weather was amazing- and Baker and Brady slept through most of the race.  this picture makes me SO happy.  its officially my new favorite family photo.

my hat is from pine and poppy shop!


wardrobe change! you can find my flannel HERE (on sale!) and I’m wearing a size 2! my velvet vest + Spanx are from Stitch Fix! use this code for free styling on your first Fix! my booties can be found HERE (also on SALE!)


time to feast + a view of the kids table!  OMG I was SO hungry!!  Im all about the sides/carbs and very little about the bird. those green beans were THE BOMB and homemade dressing was the best I had ever eaten.  and now I’m hungry. 


the obligatory food-coma-nap photo.


give me the pie.  Miss Teresa makes the best dessert I have ever eaten and her pecan pie is my all time favorite. 


my favorite people.  so much to be thankful for.. and look at those baby giggles!  there was a scarecrow on the porch and Brady was really concerned about it. 


this boy is on the move! 


OMG my favorite girls!! and once again, dressing better than me.  their bells are from Harlow Jade and their sweaters can be found HERE.  Baker’s onesie is from golden hill design and her sparkle bow is from Shelby Chic. breaking the rules again. look at this big girl. she reminds me so much of Jolie at this age..her dirty blonde hair thats growing by the minute and petite frame and bubble bootie and big ol’ belly- I love her so much. 


jams + cupcakes before we head home for the night! the girls jammies are from hanna andersson and they are $25 (reg. $44) for black friday!! 


the girls passed out in the car on our way home and transferred straight to bed without hardly a stir.


we barely made it much longer.. we were whipped from the day and laid down in bed to watch Blue Bloods before saying goodnight! 

I hope you all stuffed your bellies and had the best day!

November 24, 2017


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