kid krafting | glitter ‘frosted’ pinecones

its no secret around here that I’m not crafty.  in fact, I might be the least crafty mom you’ll ever meet. I try SO hard because the girls, especially Parker, love doing arts and crafts.. but usually, if it didn’t come off the shelf next to the crayons and markers I don’t find success in it.

before you decide to click off this DIY blog post, these pinecones did turn out really cute 🙂

earlier this week we were playing in the front yard and the girls collected a bucket full of pinecones that had fallen from the trees on the side of the house.  they came running up to where I was sitting on a blanket with Brady asking “what can we do with these??!” my first thought was.. we have pine trees?? and second, we had a ton of left over glitter and glue from the twins party that we could pretty these up with!

::what you’ll need::

  • pine cones (these can be ones from outside or ones you buy at a craft store)
  • glitter
  • mod podge or spray adhesive
  • large wide base bowls (saves a ton of glitter mess!)
  • paint brushes (if you’re using mod podge)
  • kraft paper to cover your project space

::what you’ll do::

  • spray pine cone with adhesive, or if you are using the mod podge glue, brush the glue to coat the cones.
  • place the cone in the bowl and sprinkle glitter, covering the areas you want to glitter.
  • allow to dry for several hours (overnight) after applying the glue and glitter.

we decorated our cones one by one; I sprayed each cone with the adhesive and the girls glittered them.  I didn’t use latex gloves, however, I wish I would have! my fingers were covered in glitter and it took a good amount of warm water, soap, and a bit of lemon essential oils to get the glue off my hands and nails.

total craft newbie right here. after these are dry (they are currently sitting on the table on our patio to dry) I’ll bring them inside to display as decor in a pretty bowl. or, even better, I’ll arrange them on the mantel after stringing them with kitchen twine!  

December 14, 2017

  1. Laci says:

    my daughter would love this!!!

  2. Jenny says:

    Brady in the background of the second picture made my day… same thing my 1 year old would be doing!

    • amber says:

      ha! When I was taking these pictures I didn’t even realize what he was actually doing in his high chair behind them until I uploaded to edit. I was giggling at that silly boy, too!

  3. Kate Lee says:

    Please post an after picture!!