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this post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I’ve been working on a series of blog posts sharing my picks and favorite options when it comes to dressing a baby boy, and I’m kicking it off today with Carter’s and sharing their new line of organic baby clothing for babies, toddlers, and big kids up to size 5T!

my favorite go-to when dressing my kids in their first year (and beyond) has been Carter’s.  when the the the big girls were born, there wasn’t a whole lot that fit them outside of Carter’s brand. they wore their babysoft sets, sleep and plays, and the original bodysuit well through their first year of life, and Baker followed suit with the sweetest hand-me-downs fitting her like a glove.

when I was pregnant with Brady I filled his drawers with the best of Carter’s basics: sleepers + onesies. my number one go to when my babies are brand new. over the last 9 months, Brady has continued to wear, and his closet is filled with some of my favorite trendy selections from Carter’s.  its all about the baby essentials, fit for any occasion, and Carter’s always has what I’m looking for.  I appreciate the one-stop-shop, and no one does the coordinating outfits (for boys and girls!) better than Carter’s.once again Carter’s hits it out of the park with their newest baby line, Little Planet, using the highest quality, 100% organic cotton. I have always been drawn to organic clothing and often times I’m deferred because of the inevitable stiffness after first wash, along with the price! some of those organic pieces of clothing can be really pricey, so when I am purchasing something for my babes that they might only wear once or grow out of really quickly I am more inclined to go the cheaper route, especially when it comes to dressing all four of them for whatever occasion it is I’m shopping for.

I’m always trying to plan ahead, so, at the moment, my radar is focused on shopping Easter styles! while our day to day is usually more on the trendy side (skinny jeans and bright colors).. or in pajamas 🙂 , I lean more for the preppy and classic styles for holidays. when I put this organic polo-style romper on Brady I immediately thought “this is absolutely perfect for Easter!” 

I picked this sweet little outfit set for a friend expecting her first little girl in February- the organic cotton will be so soft on her newborn’s precious skin!

simple. classic. EASY.

I threw on a letterman cardigan and a pair of our favorite grey leather moccasins and he’s all set for his first egg hunt.  when filling the Easter baskets, I always include a swim suit, (first of the season!) and a cute spring-y pajama set.  the bright colors and floral print of these uber soft organic pajamas are definitely making their way into Jolie, Parker, and Baker’s baskets, and even better they have a coordinated pair for Brady, too!!  THIS KID. I swear he’s got more swag than any 9 month old should. this was originally an ‘outtake’ but I made Brittany edit it because this is classic Brady. the boy has been judging my decisions since he came out of the womb and this is the look he gives me when I am attempting to make him smile for a photo.  NOT interested. stinker.  bottom line::  100% certified organic clothing for your littles made from 100% organic cotton, knitting and dyes. 0% fussy. this is organic clothing that is affordable and suitable for real life, which is what I need with four kids.

scoop little planet up today! these styles are limited and online only but you can have your order shipped to your local Carter’s store for free!

photography : b faith photography

January 18, 2018

  1. Laci says:

    He is seriously THE CUTEST!!!

  2. I’m so excited you have a little boy to style now!! I hope one day I get to dress a little girl but boys are so dang fun in their little hunky duds. Can’t wait to see the rest of the series!