five on Friday

one. a visit to the rheumatologistkicking off this week’s 5 on Friday with some good news for our Jolie Grace. we went to the rheumatologist on Tuesday this week to discuss options and plans for our girl in regards to treating and managing her PFAPA. it had been 6 months since we landed ourselves in Dr. Stewart’s clinic at Children’s Dallas and things were progressing really well for Jo, not too much to share, until about mid-November. we kind of hit a rotating door with her fevers and it has continued to make itself known about every 3 weeks. this was initially what spurred my mama radar last summer when she continued to get sick over and over again and it was worse even after we treated her with medication/steroids to which we chalked it up to a virus that just wouldn’t move on. after examining Jolie, she found 5 large mouth ulcers, which for Jolie, that is the first sign she’s about to be hit with a fever episode. and here we are, like clockwork, 3 weeks since the last one she had the week of Christmas.

SO. we’re moving forward pretty quickly in taking out her tonsils. the fevers hit her really hard (103-104 range for 6-11 days) and she doesn’t eat AT ALL when she’s sick. she’s lost a little weight since this summer and I’m trying hard to beef her up, but she’s pretty petite and doesn’t need to lose any more at this point. we have an appointment with the ENT on Monday and will schedule out our plan from there. I’m very excited and very nervous, but we cant keep going through these fevers every three weeks. ready to get her well.  one thing I need prayer for is that the ‘cure rate‘ for removing her tonsils in regards to PFAPA is just 80%.. which is a lot lower than I thought. PLEASE Lord let her be within that 80% or we will be starting her on long term steroids for management.  as always, thank you so much for all the love about this!

two. the personalized platewe got our personalized plates in the mail this week and I about DIED when I pulled out this sweet plate with Brady’s name on it AND with the fire truck!! WHAT! of course I have a billion things with the girls’ names on them, but Brady’s was just SO sweet and really special. OMG I could hardly handle it. maybe it was also because it was the same day I finalized the details for Brady’s birthday invitation. OF COURSE we’re doing a fire fighter theme. as the party decor is slowly trickling in (I find myself being a little proactive.. no shame.) I cannot wait to throw my very first baby boy party! this plate will be perfect for serving his smash cake on.

three. cozy cardi.I got so many compliments on this cardigan after wearing it this week to run errands in- I LOVE it.  its the perfect weight for layering and I cannot get enough. I wore it with sneakers, a t-shirt, and topknot! I’m wearing it again today (lit just took a pic in the starbucks bathroom, ha!) with my favorite white pocket tee, girlfriend denim and booties.

four. jays+jewelsI’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about my necklace.. I wear it all the time and never take it off. my friend, Vanessa created this piece and its become so special to me! wearing all my babes on one necklace is the perfect way to represent my mama-hood. I’m wearing the multiple tiny names necklace on a 14″ chain.

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five. the ever co.

my dear friend, Amy,  has continued to grow with her amazing holiday inspired company that soft launched over this last month. I am SO proud of her and she released these darling DIY valentine’s printables. SO cute!head over to the ever co IG for more inspiration with these AND to pick up some of their darling holiday digs!


January 26, 2018

  1. Rachel says:

    I am loving your blog. You are a beautiful momma and such an inspiration. I am just beginning my blog and I found yours not long ago. Love reading all your posts.

  2. Sara says:

    Does your cardigan shed? I am looking for a warm oversized one to hang in, but having trouble finding one that won’t shed. I got the warmest rose colored one from Express for Christmas, but oh my the shedding!

  3. Dana says:

    What size did you order? does it run big?