monday top five

we are still in party hangover here and have zero plans this week aside from the usual errands and keeping up with four kids. the weekend was busy but I didn’t take a ton of photos to share a fun/full weekend recap, so I’m going with my usual five on friday format.. on Monday 🙂

one. fire station one  we had such a great time celebrating Brady on Saturday. friends + family and our local fire department came out to show the love to our one year old boy! I still cant believe hes actually an entire year old. I know I keep saying that but I really can’t wrap my brain around this last year and how quickly it came and went. here are some photos I snapped with my phone and will have a full recap + links later this week! ..and the best we could get for a family photo! Baker had just stubbed her toe right as we walked out to the fire engine to snap a quick pic and anyone that has experience with a 2 year old understands this was game over- ha! 1/2 of the photo + Jolie was lookin’ darn cute so I’ll call that a win. 

two. beauty SALE | must have FAVS

I need to do a blog update on my skin + makeup routine, but did want to quickly mention about a sale on a product I’ve been using for the last month! on the IG live I did a couple weeks ago I chatted about the ultra repair cream from first aid beauty . I had never heard of FAB until the girl that was giving me an eyebrow wax (I go to the benefit brow bar at Ulta) recommend I use it on my brows after I get my mircoblade touch up. so, I bought the tub and used it on my brows after my touch up + all over my face and oh my gosh its done wonders in keeping the moisture in my skin!  I have terribly dry/acne prone skin and since using this in the morning and evening I’ve noticed a drastic difference in how my skin feels without causing a breakout. I have a tough time with facial products/lotions clogging my pores and causing my skin to freakout for weeks so I was nervous to try this one. they boast their product use for sensitive skin, so I had high hopes! I bought the hydrating serum this weekend and I’ll report back after I’ve used it for a couple weeks! were right in the middle of Ulta’s 21 days of beauty and one of today’s deals is 50% off of the on a kit of FAB favorites! it comes with the cream I’ve been using and also a cleanser that I cannot wait to give a go!

three. Jolie + tonsils girlfriend is doing so good! we reintroduced all foods back onto her diet this week, 2 weeks since removing her tonsils + adenoids, and she is eating like a champ! actually, she’s eating WAY more than she’s eaten in months and I’m so thankful. we were able to wean her from all pain medications about a week after surgery and the regression most everyone mentioned when the scabs start falling off around days 5-9 was nearly nonexistent! I’ll do a full recap of her recovery later this week!

four. potty training so.. for the third time, we are going for it with Baker. she has ZERO interest in going potty on the toilet and will even tell me when we talk about it “I don’t care, I don’t want to..” but over the weekend she sort of had a change of heart when I told her she was OUT of diapers so we just have to start going on the potty. she seems okay with it in her Minnie Mouse panties.. here we go!

the twins were potty trained at 20 months and I did them both at the same time (you can read that HERE!) but for whatever reason this time seems way more overwhelming to think about- ha! (more) updates to come!

five. eastermy favorite photo of all time. my three girls on Easter Sunday two years ago! how does time fly so quickly! we’ve got a busy weekend ahead with Easter fun + festivities. I love Easter Sunday for worship and seeing all the colorful dresses and attire everyone wears for that special day.

happy Monday, friends! I hope your week is off to a great start! xo!

March 26, 2018

  1. Ashlee says:

    Uhm, hi, I need your overalls!

    Good luck potty training… third time’s a charm, right!?

    • amber says:

      They are from madewell! a little pricey but they are such a great fit!

      fingers crossed!!