Brady Jordan | 13 months

on the move and constantly having some place to be or go or see.

climbing up and down off the couch and then on the couch.. and then off again.

“bro code” tee // sweatsy’all, if he can swing his leg around it, you better believe he’s getting on top of ‘it’.

belly flopping from the twin’s bottom bunk onto the padding on the floor, moving himself around as he pleases- we went from taking a few tiny steps to full on cruising this month!  the personality spewing from this little boy’s face and demeanor is absolutely hilarious and kinda frightening.  terrifying actually.  he is already sassing everyone around him until he gets what he wants when he wants it. and if he doesn’t he’s throwing himself backwards in a fit. I guess we’ve entered in that “sour patch” kid phase.

exhibit a :: (he wanted my phone.) I cant imagine where he picked that up from.

I mean..sister Baker girl is the greatest spitfire in this house and he pals around with her most of the day, so you know. we’re about to have our work cut out for use with two Baker’s. someone send wine.

Brady Jordan

..he loves loves loves his daddy.

..the light up of his face when his dad walks into the room is inexplicable.

and the meltdown following dad’s departure is.. loud.

..points, grunts, and squeaks towards things he desires or ‘needs’.

 grunts at the pantry or fridge if he wants a drink or snack, and he especially loves to tell you that he wants to go outside.

he is the most darling little snuggle bug- sweetly rubs my face when we rock before bed.

..and then he’ll slap you square in the nose.

..all while he cackles until tears are running down his face.

he only does this to me.

..never to his dad.

destructor is the name of Brady’s baby game.

..banging, slamming, and dumping anything in his path.

the messier the better.

..the first thing he does in the morning is bee line straight for the cabinets in the kitchen

he’s figured out to open every single one of them.

..even with the “child proof” hooks, it didn’t take him long to get those doors swinging.

plugs, cords, and light sockets.

..if its dangerous he’s sticking his finger into it.

the carbon monoxide detector has been plugged into the same spot for 6 years and never been touched.

…but Brady pulls it out and sets it off every single day.

Brady sleeps 12-14 hours a night.

..naps like a champ {one 3-hour nap in the early afternoon}.

the evenings when we sit together and read stories before bed, is our favorite time of the day.

..he sits so quietly and listens to a couple books before I lay him in his crib for the night.

he loves the fire engine golden book,  little blue truck leads the way, and you’re here for a reason – a new favorite that Auntie got him for Easter.

Brady has become quite the caterpillar when it comes to food.

 ..guarantee a clean plate anytime chicken nuggets, meatballs, fish, oatmeal, & pancakes are served.

particularly piggy when he eats yogurt, chocolate milk, or peanut butter.

Brady will choose the meat on his plate before touching the fruit or veggies.

..and LOVES to steal bites of “mommy” toast and sips of coffee in the morning.

currently cutting all four molars at once. you can imagine how delightful some parts of our day can be.

lots of tears.

..which also requires lots of lovin’, and I don’t mind.

he loves to be outside.

..he would stay outside for the day’s entirety if I allowed it.

I’m SO excited for the warm weather days at the pool

..he’s going to LOVE it! 

Brady also loves loves loves to dance.

..he waves both hands in the air + shakes his head as hard as he can at any sign or sound of music or a beat.

I cant even explain how hilarious his dancing is..

..but Alexa, his girlfriend, is kept busy all day.

over this last month he has started to independently play solo and along with his sisters.

he has become so attached to those big sister girls.

..and when he toddles into their presence, he waits patently for them to recognize that he’s there.

…”ladies, I have arrived!

I think he loves to hear the big girls loose their minds in adoration.

..he knows what he’s doing.

he has a serious ‘tude at times..

..its hilarious and cute now, but I am actually terrified for what the next year will bring.

empty water bottles, stacking toys, and fire trucks.

..just a few of his favorite things.

other favorite things: wooden shape sorter, musical workbench, chomp + count dino, music, dancing, climbing, removing and replacing lids on everything- especially his empty sippy cups.

his laugh is absolutely contagious.

..his smile is super cheese-y and kinda crooked...puts perfection to shame with his ridiculous and amazing full head of hair.

..and his eyes remind me so much of Baker’s. with you buddy.

April 24, 2018

  1. Laci says:

    Brady drinking out of a straw will never get old!

  2. Ashley says:

    My three year old daughter is smitten by Brady and his chicken nuggets.