Brady Jordan | 15 months

hey buddy! you’re growing way too quick! Brady is 15 months and time feels like its flying but going in slow motion all at once- writing his 14 month update feels like a lifetime ago.

we went for Brady’s 15-month well check last Friday and we have ourselves one healthy little boy! I think for the first time ever his ears, nose, and throat looked perfect! my only concern walking into this appointment was that he has been eating terribly for the last 3 months. when I brought Brady in for a suspected ear infection around 13 months the scale hadn’t moved, and actually fell a little. Dr. B made mention about beefing up his healthy fats and adding in more snacks whenever I could and we’ve been on a downward roller coaster with that ever since.

Brady at FIFTEEN months

Weight: 22 pounds  11 ounces (25th percentile)

Birth: 7 lbs 4 oz

Height:  31.3 in (55th percentile)

Birth: 20 in

Head:  47.8cm (68th percentile)

Birth: 34.5 cm

one thing my kids all have in common is that when they are cutting teeth they don’t sleep well and they do not eat at all. looking back at the updates for Baker and the twins they have the same track record with food + teeth. Brady cut four molars and three other teeth at the same time over the last three months (bringing his total to 14 teeth) and has basically stopped eating all the things he loved before.. it was a good day if I was able to get him to eat one solid meal (which was usually 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal with a heaping tablespoon of peanut or almond butter) and finish 8 ounces of whole milk. the other meals and snacks I would offer him would consist of just one bite and he would be done with it all together. so it was a little discouraging, but not surprising, to see the scale barely move by just a pound from where it was at 12 months. the GREAT news is that Brady is a healthy boy- busy, busy, BUSY and thriving developmentally.  just needs a little help boosting his appetite. I have seen his appetite improve over the last 10 days or so, which I think helped to contribute to his weight gain, and is encouraging to where we go from here. Brady (and the rest of us) have been dealing with terrible allergies and congestion and I asked about something different to give him besides Zyrtec and Dr. B mentioned a prescribed medication (cyproheptadine) that was for allergies but also given to kids at this age with poor appetites.weve been on the medication for just a few days and I can already tell a huge difference in his appetite! yesterday he ate TWO waffles with peanut butter and a pouch of whole milk yogurt for breakfast, a few bites of chicken + a cutie orange for lunch, popcorn for snack, and guacamole and chicken meatballs with corn tortilla for dinner. I couldn’t get him to eat that much in three days if I tried before now!

we go back in four weeks for a weight check. this picture makes me smile so big- my sweet happy brown eyed boy! in other news.. you’re a complete nut job. like.. hilarious. your personality SHINES big in everything you do. there are those TEETH! your sisters barely had 4-5 teeth at this age and you have a FULL mouth of them, which is so crazy to  me. you also carry on and communicate differently than your sisters ever did, which is a benefit to all of us when we are attempting to interpret the screeches and yells. which, by the way, you do a lot.

when you’re thirsty you come and find me or your sisters and lead us to the fridge for your sippy cup. you request milk all day (sounds like “mah-k“) but accept water just fine. you really don’t love whole milk and would rather drink your sisters milk over your own. every time I hand you your cup of milk you point for your sister’s as well.

you have about 6-8 words you use pretty consistently :: milk, mama, dada, dog, no, yes (but its more like “ya”), Jo (jolie), hat 

when you’re hungry you point and grunt to the pantry (or fridge) for a snack.

when you’re sleepy its the only time you cuddle or lounge. other times you are running everywhere you go and getting into all the things you’re not supposed to.

you continue to color my walls and the tile floor. there is one spot in the kitchen by the back door that you just want to color all over everyday. I swear you’re hiding markers in your diaper because I have hidden and put away all the markers/crayons/colored pencils out of arms reach and still somehow I’m wiping down my walls at the end of each day.

you are a new breed of baby for me Brady Jordan. you LOVE the pool. when I was sorting through this months photos I realized how much time we were spending in the water- it was hard to find any that weren’t in the pool or at the splash pad! but were not complaining because you are DARN cute in the water. you have such a blast and scream laugh and play for hours. dunking your head, kicking, splashing, and jumping off the side of the pool are just a few of your favorite activities. no fear of the water, but I am confident that I have enough fear for the both of us and always keep a hand on you because you will dive off at in moments notice if I look away for two seconds. you LOVE to wear hats. I have them hanging on your wall next to the changing table and every morning when you wake up the first thing you do is ask for your hat. we still love George Hats and a new favorite is Cash & Co. – they have the cutest prints! that time you ate a dozen donut holes.. (after starting the new medication) Baker kept trying to put a few on her plate and you kept taking them back. nothing gets by you, buddy. nothing. while you guys are great playmates, you bicker the most with that Baker girl. I think its because you insist on stealing her baby dolls just to hear her squeal. you know how to push each others buttons. you’re sisters continue to be your favorite people on the planet. you love to play and get a long so well! you love to be carried around by Jolie and will walk up to her and lift your arms to be held. you give sugars freely to these girls and are so stingy with them with me and your daddy! it gives me so much joy to see you love them so much.  books.  you could sit in my lap all day to read books if I let you. I have been leaving a few books in your crib at night and in the morning you will sit and look through the books and hum to yourself for about 20-30 minutes after waking up.     we LOVE YOU so much, Brady! happy 15 months, bud! 

June 27, 2018

  1. Laci says:

    That boy is too cute! The girls are beautiful and growing so much!

  2. Jessica says:

    My son takes cyproheptadine. It helps with his appetite. He only takes one in the morning. We had to drop the afternoon one he started sleep walking. Good luck!!

  3. Kelly Nicholas says:

    Loving the matching swimwear! Where did you find it??