Gender Reveal | Baby #5

I’m sitting here reliving those moments before the sky turned blue with confetti as I look back through these photos capturing the delight in finding out that this baby was indeed another boy! I had a feeling it was a boy, the nausea and migraines were a big hint for me because I had similar symptoms in my pregnancy with Brady,  but I have been wrong in my instincts with the four before him, so I wasn’t convinced 🙂

I’ve said this before, but aside from meeting his child for the first time, Jordan’s favorite part of pregnancy is the surprise of the gender reveal. he LOVES it. a lot. he’s a sentimental guy and having those sweet moments of surprise to remember stick with him for a lifetime. with each baby we have done genetic testing, so we are able to find out the gender pretty early, around 11 weeks. shortly after finding out we were pregnant I was sitting in my OB’s office and she was instructing me for the fourth time about these tests. I checked the box, YES that we wanted to determine gender with this blood draw and I was on my way. Jordan and I went back and forth about having a “party” for this gender reveal.. Baker’s birthday party was soon and I told him that the same people that were invited to her party would be the people invited to a gender reveal.. so if we were doing ANYthing I was not hosting two parties back to back, let alone inviting everyone twice. if we were doing it, I wanted it just immediate close family. nothing big. we can order pizza and hang out. thats it.

this was Monday the week of fourth of July so I thought for sure I wouldn’t be hearing back about the results of the blood draw until much later, not even really knowing if our tentative plan for pizza and beer was going to work out. my mom and youngest brother, Sam were planning to be in town for Baker’s party so we decided that it would be best to do it the evening before her party to have them included in the celebration, too!

I got the call from my OB’s office with the results by the end of that week and I had Ashley call to get the gender results after I was informed all was healthy and well with our little baby. she ordered the poppers since she was the only one that knew the gender- we ordered 15 cannons from sparklers r us dot com  and were good to go for the next Friday! we got a few of the 12″ cannons for the kids and ordered 18″ cannons for all the adults. looking back, they were kinda hard to set off (you twist the end to make them explode), so had I known that I wouldn’t have gotten any for the kids and left it to the adults to set off the confetti. I also wasn’t expecting them to be SO LOUD. they set off like fireworks and took everyone by surprise.

fast forward to Friday, we spent the entire day at Teresa’s house setting up for Baker’s swim party the next day, hence my sweatpants, top knot, and tank top attire. around 5:30pm we ordered pizza and Ash and Jarrett arrived with the giant box of confetti cannons. I attempted to do a live video on IG and it was so blurry and a hot mess, but in those moments right before we set off the cannons I didn’t care about anything else but being excited with the people that were actually present for the reveal. I think you could at least see the explosion of BLUE, blurry or not- ha!

thankful for the last minute availability of Jamie Denholm Photography to capture these images for that special evening! Teresa + Tim (the are like a third set of grandparents and my in-law’s best friends!), my mom + youngest brother, BB + Papa, and two of our closest couple friends and their babes were in attendance that night! it was so fun!!    the gal that held the secret for a week and my best friend. couldn’t do life without her.    blue confetti covered the front yard and Papa brought his shop vac to clean up after we set off the cannons.  another baby boy- and we couldn’t be happier!


July 26, 2018

  1. Stephanie says:

    LOVE!!! Just pure joy on everyone’s faces! We did the smoke bomb in May and it’s so true, nothing else matters in that moment and it’s unexplainable! So great you got these incredible photos and so happy for Bradt that he will have a little bestie for life!
    Are you going to give #5 Bakers room (it’s so pretty) or have the boys share?
    (We are almost done our nursery and loving every minute of it, I can’t wait to see you knock another nursery outta the park!!!)

  2. Ashley says:

    I loved watching the live!! Thanks for letting us be a part of it. So happy for you all!!

  3. Rikki says:

    Love everything about this! Beautiful family!

  4. CC says:

    So excited for your beautiful family.