Staycation at the Gaylord Texan | Part II

time for part II of our staycation! you can see part I HERE 🙂

we woke up bright and early to hit breakfast with the fam- we opted for breakfast at the main restaurant which is served buffet style and very delicious! I ate their frittata and house made chicken sausage both mornings and I’m still thinking about them. after breakfast we loaded into the trolly again and made our way to the water park. since it was Saturday it was much more busy than it was the day before and finding seats was a little more difficult. my advice would be to DEFinitely get out there early (like, when the park opens at 9am). by the time we left for the day at 4:30pm people were laying their stuff in the grass and waiting patiently to snag an open seat!

we sunscreened up and hung out at the kid area for most of the morning.Uncle Sam + Patrick took the big girls to ride the larger slide and hit the zip line and my mom and I hung out at the chairs in the shade with Brady for a bit since it was close to nap time. I got myself (and Brady) a sno cone I’ve been wishing for since I saw the mini Kona Ice Truck the day before.

Brady’s trucker hat is c/o GROM SQUAD! use code AMBER20 for a discount!hallelujah for clear syrup!
Brady finally closed his eyes for a little cat nap while the rest of us ordered lunch
I could just EAT HIS CHEEKS.
more sunscreen and more water fun with the brothers!! sno cones for the girls and sno cones round two for this mama 🙂 I literally wish for a sno cone every single day and having access to this mini truck ($5 a cup and $3 refills!) for three days straight I pretty much couldnt help myself. Baker + uncle Pat! Baker’s suit is a Kortni Jeane hand me down from the twins last summer- I love mini Kortni Jeane suits on my girls! PSA :: they are about the have a huge online blowout sale starting on 8/13! so much love for Patrick.. and his Saved by the Bell swim trunks. somehow we managed the capture this sweet family photo without the hundreds of people around us.. really, there were SO many people. maybe it was the bouncing up and down and silly noise performance my brothers, Kayla, and mom were doing to get the kids to look in the direction of the camera.  completely wiped from the day, Unlce Pat carried miss Baker out to the trolly to head back to the hotel to clean up for dinner...still out.. you know it was a great day!!
the only picture I got from dinner.. actually while we were waiting to be seated for dinner. in any consolation we ordered the queso appetizer and I got a shrimp p’boy for dinner and the kids ate cheeseburgers 🙂  we said our goodnights right after we ate dinner- our kids were about to have meltdowns from being so exhausted! we stayed up way too late the night before and spending such a long day swimming and playing in the sun they could hardly see straight they were SO tired. 


my view as I opened my eyes the next morning for our last day at the resort. the best view, if you ask me. the twins stayed in my mom’s room for a “sleepover with Nana” and we kept Baker and Brady with us in our room. we had two queen size beds so we had planned for the three girls to have slept in one bed together, Jordan and I in the second bed and Brady in his pack and play in the closet.. my mom had a big room to herself so she was game to take a couple babies!

proof that my mom did actually come with us 🙂 here she is!! and all her grandbabies. the happiest place on earth for Nana and she reminds us every single moment she can. thankful for the way she loves them.  Patrick, Kayla, Sam, and my mom were heading out after breakfast and since we had access to the water park for the remainder of the day after checkout we decided to take advantage of a little more fun in the sun before heading home. saying our goodbyes is never easy, but we already have plans to visit Austin in the fall and this time we will get to see Duke (my dad)! I wore my dress all weekend as a coverup- its from VICI back in the spring and my hat is from gigipip checkout was at 11am and so we loaded the car with our luggage so we could spend the rest of our afternoon at Paradise Springs.  we found a group of awesome seats covered in an umbrella right in front of the splash area for the kids. since it was “checkout day” the park wasn’t nearly as crowded as it was the day before. I think we will try to avoid Saturday’s for the next time we decide to plan a stay at the Gaylord.

Jordan and I could see the girls playing in the water from our chairs so we just hung out in the shade with a couple of beverages while he cat napped the morning away.   since the girls had done the “big slide” the day before with Patrick and Sam they were so excited to do it again and were big and brave to stand in line alone while we waited for them in the pool below. I made sure to bring my camera this time! and the zip line..  of course!! Parker hit the water before I had a chance to snap her picture- ha! but trust that her smile was as big as Jolie’s in this pic! L U N C H my new favorite picture of my girls. so many memories were made this weekend!!  sno cones. again. DUH.  my suit bottoms (and Brady’s swim trunks!) are from Kortni Jeane (wearing my normal pre-pregnancy size) and my top is a couple summers old from Victoria’s Secret.. I linked a couple similar ones below! Brady’s hat is from cash & co and the girls’ suits are from Albion Fitone more round down the slides and one more picture before we headed home! sleepy eyes from a busy and full weekend! we cant wait to plan our next trip!! such a fun staycation to end the summer with a bash!

August 9, 2018


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