five on Friday

one. halloween how CAYOOT is this trio of My Little Ponies?? we were gifted these amazing tutus from Plum NYC and while I was sitting with my computer open encouraging Parker to help me pick tutu colors she made the comment that the blue tutu Baker is wearing looked like Rainbow Dash (we are big MLP fans over here). SO, another halloween costume unraveled into these amazing characters. I cant take complete credit for these- I was schooled on proper pony attire, right down to how their hair needed to be worn by the big girls and we had SO much fun getting ready for halloween. special thank you to little blue olive for helping me create the perfect unicorn headbands to match their pony get up.

tights are from Primary first purchase from them and I’m kind of loving everything on their site! cardigans are from June and January! use code masseya20 at June and January for 20% off your entire purchase 🙂 glitter hair clips are ryan & wren and scrunchies in Parker’s hair are zozubaby Baker is the perfect Rainbow Dash.  her sweet cutie mark and rainbow confetti freckles came from flash tattoos on Etsy. I got their wigs from chasing fireflies and we all laughed until we cried while putting them on. probably the hardest I’ve laughed in weeks!  it poured hard all day on Halloween and after picking my Rockford Peaches up from school (they got to dress in costume for school on Wednesday!) it was STILL raining so I started searching a couple of facebook mom groups for ideas on indoor trick or treating. I saw a post that a local assisted living home had some residents passing out candy so we drove over there to check it out while waiting out the rain.

this was such a rich experience for all of us. those residents were so excited to see my family at their doors and my kids loved chatting them up about their costumes. it made our halloween much more than a “holiday” about candy and we will for sure be planning on doing this again next year. oh, and Mr. Mayor right here was the biggest ham. his first “real” halloween experience and he loved it!! saying “BYEEE” with a cute little wave and blowing sugars to all the residents handing out candy.

I had these nerd glasses from when Baker was a baby and a superman tee I had in his closet from Gap.. added a comb over and called him Clark Kent.  after we finished the rain had stopped so we headed back to our neighborhood and hit up a few houses before calling it a night. even with the rain and chilly weather we had SUCH a great time this year!  two. fall bucket list things we were plagued by SO much rain in the month of October making it really hard to do anything outside at all. any chance it wasn’t raining we made it a point to get outside and do something with the kids. we usually hit up our favorite pumpkin patch about 2-3 times a week during the month of October and this year we haven’t been able to make a time work because they have been closed due to the rain OR if it wasn’t raining they were closed because of the mud/flooding of the patch. it makes me so sad because we’ve been going to that patch for the last 5 years since the twins were born and this will be the first year we didn’t make it. rumor has it that they are open through the weekend, so I think we might pay a visit to mark it off our list.

we did happen to visit another local pumpkin farm- Hall’s Pumpkin Farm. it had lots of farm animals and a corn maze with tons of activities for the kids to get in to including a snack stand and hay rides. it was also strung with lights so the pumpkin fun didn’t have to end at dark like the other patches we’ve been to.  in attempt to get a picture of myself with the kids.. Brady somehow attached himself to the plastic fencing with the button on his shirt.  Jordan has mastered his camera trigger finger and after we got in the car and I was looking through what we captured on my phone I was cracking up at this picture- BRADY!as good as it gets when your son is named Brady Jordan.  I’m not complaining because look at my pretty girls 🙂

lots of questions about my dress when I shared this picture on IG! its handmade by my dear friend Sarah from her shop Plain Jane. I LOVE it. it is actually nursing friendly (the material of the dress holds shape and is a pull down nursing style) so you’ll see me wearing this one again postpartum. I have been eyeing her wrap dress since its release a couple weeks ago.. I’m thinking I need to pull the trigger soon.

sweater vest // bootsthree. baby boyI’ve been so bad about documenting this pregnancy.. the random migraine headaches have continued to keep me off the computer and when Brady and Baker nap during the day (which would also be a time to blog) I always lay down for an hour or so because I’m running on about 3 hours of sleep at night. the discomfort of this belly is insane and keeps me up at all hours.. mama is TIRED. I have so many cute little boy things I need to share and we are working on completing the nursery in the next few weeks. I’ll be sharing more about that progress, soon!

we got to see him in 4D/HD the other day at a sonography place near 0ur house and I couldn’t get over how similar he looks to Brady! same cheeks, nose, and little lips!

a few little things I’ve picked up over the last couple weeks :: adorable pom hat from millie +
roo, “hush little baby” stitched sign, harem pants and “good times” onesie are all from little adi + co, and the butter soft tiny pajama set is from plain jane. pacifier and clip from Ryan & Rose and the little wood cut out “party of 7” was sent to us by happily with love.

the snuggle me lounger.. I am SO excited to give this one a try. we love our dockatot and plan to use it like we did with Brady but this one will be good and easy for daytime lounging and moving him from room to room.four. girls’ room updateanother promised blog post and I swear I will! I wanted to completely finish the closet reno before I shared the room details. I plan to have the room photographed next week so the closet MUST be done this weekend 🙂 we have had a few delays because, well, LIFE gets in the way and its easy to put off little projects like this. BUT Jordan just needs to finish hanging the shoe shelving and second hanging rack in the closet and its DONE. finallyyyyyyy

five. Christmas shopping

when the twins were born we started a “Christmas savings account” that we deposit money into twice a month starting in January of every year- it automatically comes out of Jordan’s paycheck so we never see it and don’t know its there until November 1st when this savings is transferred into our main checking account. of course we have bumped the amount that goes in there as we’ve had more kids, but its November so that means its time for Christmas shopping! I need to get on the ball because we might have a baby right before Christmas (like.. days before!) so my goal is to have it all finished up by the end of November. I have found a few items here and there that I’ve been waiting to buy- mostly for Brady because the kid has no “boy toys”. I still plan to share the gift guides I have done over the last few years, but in the meantime here are a few things I’ve made plans to purchase for the kids this year!

have an awesome weekend, friends!

November 2, 2018

  1. Rikki says:

    such a lovely family! You look so beautiful Amber….and happy too.

  2. Katy Noel says:

    I love all the details in their costumes! So cute!