Pretty in Pink | Girls’ Shared Room

I’m so excited to finally share photos and details of the girls shared room!  the twins have always been in the same room and shortly after we upgraded and transitioned Baker to a twin sized bed (right around the age of two) she started sleeping on a trundle bed in the twins room- the three of them are very close and Baker begged every night to sleep with her sisters. often times she would end up in Jolie’s bunk snuggled in close and it was just the sweetest thing you’ve ever seen. after nearly a year of Baker sleeping in the twins room (and now we have a baby on the way!) we decided to make it official. they wont be in a triple bunk (or share a room) forever but it was the perfect option for this “season of kids”.

the room isn’t very big, but we keep their toys in our playroom, which was once the formal dining room- so they don’t really need a huge bedroom for toys and storage. I will say, since we have updated this room a bit (its my favorite room in the house right now!) the girls play in here a lot together! scroll to the very bottom for sources and let me know if I’ve missed anything!

photography by jaime denholm photography paint color is Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams. after painting the boys’ rooms this color we totally fell in love with it! actually we’re planning on painting the rest of the house this color, too 🙂 its a great neutral “greige” that pulls more beige/brown and less green, which is tough with grey paint color.  these name signs are SO beautiful and very well made. each of my kids now have their own name sign from the polymath mom! I’ve gotten a few questions about the details on the signs and I wanted to update the post to share the details

24″ dual rose arch rounds
font: heather, magnolia
color: 6, 29
stain: antique white
flowers: 2, 26, 29, 47

I have seen several other blogger moms store their girls’ hair bows in a tiered basket- for the longest time I used a really cheap one from hobby lobby and when we moved the girls in together I splurged on this sturdy one and love it!         the closet. my biggest concern with putting three girls in one room was the closet space. we were very lucky to find a gigantic dresser with lots of drawer space but the closet was still an issue. I needed more drawer and hanging space and we were already busting at the seams when Parker and Jolie were the only ones using this closet.. thank goodness for IKEA. I haven’t ever purchased anything from IKEA before now, and guys! I love that place, ha!!

we opted for the IKEA PAX Wardrobe and after browsing this section of the store for what seemed like forever we found one that best fit the measurements of the closet and with the help of an IKEA employee I told him exactly what I wanted (drawers/shelves/hanging rods) and it has worked out perfectly! the measurements in this closet was right at the cut off for the larger PAX system, BUT going with the smaller one offered space for shoe shelving to be built into it; three girls = a lot of shoes! Jordan’s buddy at the fire station does amazing wood work and he helped us with building the shelf. you cant completely tell by the photos but the shoe shelf goes up to the top of the ceiling in the closet! it also holds about three pairs of shoes deep. the two storage boxes hold Parker and Jolie’s projects and school work worth keeping and the tray I picked up from hobby lobby holds little trinkets and jewelry, our tooth fairy mouse (we haven’t lost any teeth, yet!) and a yummy smelling candle with the lid off (I don’t burn it in here, of course) to offer a happy scent when you open the closet.. and to offset any stinky shoes 🙂


paint color: repose gray by sherwin williams  /  light fixture / triple bunk bed  /  mattresses c/o delta kids  /  bedding c/o beddy’s  / shaggy plush quilt  /  personalized throw pillow c/o pearl & jane  /  tassel throw pillow /  dresser, found on a Facebook resale page  /  custom name rounds above dresser c/o  polymathmom /  tiered wire basket (holding bows)  / glass canisters, holding bows / hanging rainbow heart cloud (above dresser) c/o Baby Jives  /  night light c/o little belle  / lamp / sound machine / fuzzy ostrich / mirror, thrifted and painted white  /  rug  /  metal basket, holding stuffed animals / book shelves, DIY made of 2×4 / bookshelf flamingobright eyed + bushy tailed wood framed signs c/o opal + olive / garland c/o pearl & Jane / blush Mongolian faux fur bean bag / tassel pillow / sister hood sign c/o opal + olive / “girls” pennants c/o pearl & jane / pom fabric bins, closet / personalized name tags c/o chalk designs by me / wire baskets, no longer available, similar / tooth fairy mouse / closet system, IKEA PAX wardrobe

November 12, 2018

  1. K says:

    Beautiful room! Can you link to the hair bows? I love the look of those in the wire bin on the dresser.

  2. April says:

    Gorgeous room! I would love to see how you organize/decorate the playroom!

  3. Katy Noel says:

    SO pretty! I love this paint color.

  4. Jen says:

    This room is insanely gorgeous! You have the BEST eye for style girl!

  5. Ashlee says:

    Loving that rug!!!! I am sad to admit I am extremely jealous of those little girls’ wardrobe.

  6. Bethany says:

    So pretty! Everything came together so nicely. They must love their new room!

  7. Laci says:

    This room is so precious!

  8. Rikki says:

    oh my Amber….this is just lovely! You have such a gift for all things beautiful!

  9. Caitlin says:

    Did you link the rug? I need it!

  10. Nikki says:

    Obsessed with everything about this room!

  11. Megan says:

    So stinking cute!!????Do you remember the colors you picked out for the girls name signs? And is the size the 18”?

    • amber says:

      Hey! I’ll update the post because I’ve gotten this question a few times!

      Here are the details of the girls’ signs!
      24″ dual rose arch rounds
      Font: Heather, Magnolia
      Color: 6, 29
      Stain: Antique White
      Flowers: 2, 26, 29, 47

  12. Megan says:

    Thank you! ????

  13. Sarah says:

    Such a lovely space!!???? Is the rug in the color pink? It looks different online than how it appears in your photos.

  14. Margo says:

    Ceiling light fixture?

  15. Karlee says:

    Ive have 3 boys who share a room ❤ and Ive been eyeing this bed from walmart! Can you tell me about the quality? Did you anchor it to the wall? Any tips? The room is darling ????

    • amber says:

      Hey! Quality is excellent! Very easy to assemble and it is a great option for a triple bunk. We did not anchor it to the wall but we have strict rules for no playing on the bunk beds, but that is something to look into. The mattress size suggestion for this bed is 6″ and I highly suggest sticking to that size for optimal space between the bottom, middle, and top bunk.