2018 gift guide | girls 3-6 years

last but not least, the most colorful of my gift guides, I’ve got a few options for the girly girls in your life 🙂 Baker (age 3) plays right along side the bigger girls (age 6), so this guide is all inclusive of options for ages across 3-6 years.

personalized hooded towels :: I had these darling wraps on my toddler boy gift guide and love them for the girls, too! when we were picking them out I let the girls choose their “character” and opted to personalize them. I received our wraps in the mail this week and OMG they are even cuter in person than they are online. an extra special touch to bath time!

unicorn sidewalk chalk :: taking their love of drawing and coloring outside with these unicorn horn sidewalk chalk! my girls are all about the unicorn EVERYTHING, so these are going to be a stocking stuffer winner on Christmas morning!

fawn design mini :: fawn design bags are a FAV in this house.  I’ve been carrying the grey original Fawn bag for about six months now and I absolutely love it..kicking myself for not going the backpack diaper bag route sooner! since I have been using my Fawn, Jolie has been asking for one of her own! for the twins’ birthday this month I hooked them up with a mini fawn in blush! I added a couple super cute pom keychains and they have been carrying them around everywhere! Jo’s only complaint is that there is not handle on the top like mine.. how else is she supposed to hang her purse while she buckles her carseat, anyway?

instaX camera :: making all their selfie dreams come true!

magnet building tiles :: hands down the best investment we have ever made in a toy. across ALL the ages of my kids they spend hours together building and playing with these tiles. Baker, age three, and Brady, age 20 months, play with these tiles every single day. definitely adding to their collection this year!

new balance sneakers ::  perfectly stylish for all three of my girls! we’re working on learning to tie our shoes so I’m trying to avoid the velcro option, although I’m never against it!

triokid stroller :: we got three of these strollers last Christmas and my girls STILL play with them every day! we have had a few strollers in our day and none have lasted longer than a week before being demolished. these have held up VERY well! we have a couple of these baby dolls to use with these strollers and they love them!

little biscuit notepads + crayola twistable pencils :: I found these “dress-me” notepads on Instagram and knew immediately that these would be perfect for my girls. I ended up getting two for each girl- knowing them they’ll open it up on Christmas morning and color + draw the entire book by the afternoon 🙂 I paired them with our favorite colored pencils (I seriously replace a jumbo pack about once a month!) I am so excited about this little gift for them!

December 5, 2018


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