five on friday

one. Brady Jordan is TWO!

our sweet buddy turned two this week!! I cannot believe how quickly time has flown and how much has changed since Brady was born. Jordan was at the fire station on Brady’s actual birthday so we spent the entire day before (Tuesday) celebrating our boy!  we started the day with cinnamon rolls.. ..and ended it with queso.    I was so glad we did this because the next morning (Wednesday) the girls and I walked into his room before school wishing him happy birthday and he sat up crying- bubs was running fever and I spent the entire day keeping him quarantined from the other kids and doing my best to snuggle him in between his naps. by the late afternoon his fever was broken and he was up and asking for cereal- just about his normal self again! when I took him to the doctor the next morning (Thursday) for his 2yr well check his pedi suspected he had “slapped cheek” which was the reason for the fever and rosy cheeks. the twins had this last year and I didn’t even know it because there isn’t always fever involved.

kids are weird.

Brady’s two year update post coming at ya next week!we’ve planned for Brady’s Mickey Mouse Bash next weekend and its going to be so much fun! that boy flips out with excitement over something as simple as Mickey Mouse being on his pajamas, I can’t wait for him to see all the Mickey decorations.. and his Mickey CAKE!

 two. dairy-free + a happy babe

I am about three months behind on blog posts for Baylor..  a far cry from the twins when I documented every hiccup and coo! BUT I’ll be getting a post up soon with his updates. I shared on IG this week about cutting dairy out because Baylor was diagnosed with  reflux and an intolerance to dairy.. the boy is exclusively breastfed and had the stinkiest diapers and gas! which is the first red flag for a true dairy intolerance. after the lingering RSV cough went away his congestion was still so terrible. this combined with the ulcers in poor Baylor’s mouth he was diagnosed with reflux and put on Prevacid. I’ve cut dairy and nearly all caffeine from my diet and this combined with the medication- he’s a completely different baby!

still trying to get into my dairy free coffee groove.. and this is yummy! if you like the taste of coffee, I highly recommend! I had a flood of suggestions and recommendations for dairy free options.. I should do a post about diary free options because all these messages are dairy free diet gold! also.. Oreos and pop tarts are dairy free 🙂Brady had a touch of silent reflux when he was Baylor’s age and was on Zantac but I never changed my diet- so this is a new experience for me with a baby, but if it helps him feel comfortable and content thats all that matters!

look at this sweet happy face!! three. Lulu dupes

this is what a clingy toddler looks like when you have a newborn and forget the stroller 🙂 but really the point of this picture is to share about these AMAZING leggings. I dont own a pair of lululemon (ha!) but all the reviews have said these are pretty dang close and for the price, you can buy 3 pair of these leggings for what it costs of one pair of the Align leggings. they run very true to size! four. kitchen updates

we came home from Florida to a WHITE kitchen! don’t mind all the stuff on the counters 🙂 I decided the other night I want to limewash the backsplash to give it a more cohesive look- because we had such a dark kitchen before the taupe backsplash looked great, and it still looks fine, but the lime wash will help it to look better.

we are planning to tear out all the carpet, lay wood tile, and update the bathrooms as well as change out the backsplash this summer.. but in the meantime a little change in color will do! I have new light fixtures and a new sign for over the stove to hang this week and then we will be done for now! I’ll give a full update on the blog and before and afters, so stay tuned! five. softball cuties

the twins are officially playing a sport! we haven’t put them in any kind of extra curricular activity, aside from private horse riding lessons, before now (mainly because they haven’t had a ton of interest). a few of their little girlfriends from school are playing, so I signed them up and they are all on the same team! so far we’ve only had a few practices and for not have ever seen a baseball bat in person they are doing pretty good! we have our first game next week and both are so excited! Jolie asks me everyday when her first “performance” is.. ha!currently typing from the car- Jordan is running a Spartan Race this weekend in San Antonio and Baylor and I are tagging along  while the big kids are staying with BB and Papa. we made a pit stop at Magnolia in Waco for some of the best sweet tea ever. there goes my caffeine allotment for the day!see ya’ll on Monday!

March 22, 2019

  1. KAYLA says:

    That sweet tea is from my home town in Alabama. It is AMAZING!

  2. Jenny says:

    So funny! We came home from our Florida spring break trip to a white kitchen too! Loving mine and I love yours too!

  3. Alicia says:

    Late to the post but please do a dairy free option blog post if you can and have time! I am trying to cut out dairy for fertility reasons and it’s been tough!