five on friday

one. twins’ first game 

the twins had their first soft ball game this week! they play coach pitch and have been practicing to hit that ball and they both did awesome! BB and Papa and Miss Teresa came to watch them play and since Jordan was at the fire station, I FaceTime’d him every time the Parker and Jolie came up to bat! they were so excited after the game and kept asking when their next game was! I’m so glad/relieved they are enjoying softball so far 🙂

two. Jolie lost her first tooth!

FINALLY. Parker has lost two teeth already and Jolie has been so bummed that not a single tooth in her head was loose.. until it was! after our recent trip to the dentist about a month ago the dentist mentioned that her two bottom teeth were a little wiggly but no where near ready to come out yet. Jolie was eating a frozen tube of yogurt after dinner the other night and went to bite into the tube and the next thing I knew she and Parker were yelling that her tooth was going to fall out! I tried hard to convince her to leave it alone (so the tooth fairy would have time to bring her a new toothbrush like she brought Parker!) and before I could finish my sentence she had already yanked it out with her bare hands. WUT. teeth are not my jam. I can do puke and even poop, but teeth do me in. needless to say..she was VERY excited and so pleased to have finally lost a tooth. and the toothfairy even managed to bring her a new toothbrush. side note.. have you tried Chobani Gimmies? my kids love them!

Jolie’s DARLING dress is from Vivie + Ash and her velvet scrunchie is from Shelby Chic 

three. brothers

just because these boys are so dang cute together. watching them interact is one of my fav things! also.. curious if Baylor’s eyes will change color. the twins have blue eyes and Baker, born with blue eyes and changed around 8 months, she has the brightest hazel color. Brady’s are chocolate brown and have been pretty much since he was born.  Baylor currently has a grey/blue color but I can see a little bit of hazel in there, so maybe we will have our third brown eyed babe.

fun fact :: Jordan and I both have blue eyes 🙂onesie from jean & june

four. wood photo print

well.. three, er.. four months into our little house updates and we finally have things back on the walls! I am obsessed with this wood picture from pretty in polka dots. she printed one of my favorite picture of the five kids onto framed wood! it is the coolest piece and completes our front entry! she has offered you guys 30% off your purchase (and free shipping) on this wood print using my code MASSEYA! family established name sign is from Walls of Wisdom; I have the 40×15 size!

bench // pillow // large basket // small basket 

five. Brady’s Clubhouse 

Brady birthday party is tomorrow!! decorations have slowly trickled in this week and he’s been so excited to see all the mickey things! these cookies, from Campbell’s Cookies, are making all my sugar cookie dreams come true! 

March 29, 2019

  1. Emily says:

    Hey there! Hazel is actually a recessive trait (blue, green, and hazel are the same recessive gene). If you are both blue eyed, there’s no possible way to have a true brown eyed kiddo. Maybe Brady is just a dark hazel. I have five kiddos, two brown, one blue, one hazel, and I think the baby will be green or hazel. I’m brown and my husband is blue. It’s been so cool to see what genes pop out!

    • amber says:

      thanks! I think I’ve heard/read this after Baker’s eyes changed, and you’re prob right! They just really look brown to me 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    Baylor reminds me of baby Jolie! Same smile ????

  3. Rikki says:

    so many great things in this post! You and your family are truly adorable!