Bathtime Activities for Kids with Crayola

Want an easy way to get your kids to say yes immediately when you tell them to go take a bath? Give them Crayola’s Finger Paint Soap and Crayola’s Bathbomb Bucket. We have found this is the easiest way to get the kids to get our kids to bathe. Both these items from Crayola make for some fun bathtime activities for kids. Crayola’s Finger Paint Soap and Crayola’s Bathbomb Bucket are mess-free activities that are colorful, fun and great for kids ages 2+. Both have made bathtime so much easier and FUN and allows the kids to still be creative with easy cleanup.

Crayola Finger Paint Soap

Crayola Finger Paint Soap

Crayola’s Finger Paint Soap let the kids “paint” on the walls and the sides of the bathtub making a giant mess that’s easy to clean up. If you have toddlers at home, you know they are pros at making a mess. The paint is a fun bathtime idea for kids and gives kids the ability to create that mess BUT with a quick rinse for cleanup. It’s so cute to watch my kids be imaginative as they draw animals or mix colors to make their own colors. These are perfect for sensory play while encouraging their creativity with 6 different color options.

Baylor uses these paints to practice drawing shapes and practicing writing his letters and Brady practices writing his name. Sometimes we will even play tic-tac-toe with the paint. This is an easy way to bond and fun bathtime activities for kids.

Toddler Bath Time Activities

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These aren’t just for coloring, but the Finger Paints are actually soap which makes bathtime so much easier for the kids to make washing more fun. The soap does not irritate my kids’ skin and the color of the paint does not stain the bathtub. I do give the bathtub a quick rinse after the kids get out to be sure all the color is gone and have a blank canvas for the kids to get back to creating masterpieces for bathtime the next day.

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Crayola Bath Bomb Bucket

Bath bombs are still a highly requested gift in our home and the girls love gifting these bath bombs to their friends as birthday gifts. The Crayola Bath Bomb Bucket have some fun scent options and the kids love to watch the bath bombs fizz when they drop them in the water. The kids use the bucket to play with during bathtime and use it to rinse shampoo and conditioner out of their hair.

These Bath bombs come in fruity scents and are non-toxic, aluminum and paraben free making them safe for sensitive skin.

Bathtime Activities For Kids

  • Rainy Day Activity: For those of you with toddlers, or even younger, at home, both the Crayola Finger Paint Soap and the Bathbomb Bucket make fun activities to do on a rainy day. The kids will sometimes put their bathing suits on and get in the bathtub and start painting.

Gift Ideas for Kids

We have used both items as gifts for friends and we have even used them as stocking stuffers for the kids. Both items are great for kids 2+. If you are looking for non-toy gifts, I highly recommend both the Crayola Finger Paint Soap and Crayola Bathbomb Bucket for kids on your list. Crayola does a great job to continue to innovate its products to encourage kids to get creative. Crayola has several easy DIY crafts for your little one to try independently or with your assistance. What masterpiece will your kids create next?

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Bathtime activities for kids

December 16, 2022


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