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As we start the new year, it’s always fun to look back at the previous year and reflect on some of the highlights. Some memories from this year were not always glamorous. 2022 rocked my world. Going to pre-op appointments for my hysterectomy surgery to find out I had breast cancer and needed to have a double mastectomy. All of you were so supportive and gave me continued words of encouragement. I really felt as though we were all on this journey together and I can’t thank you enough. My doctors and medical staff were amazing. Post-surgery, I still had pain as to be expected and decided to do some physical therapy to get back to “normal.” Despite all of that, it’s clear that it was a year filled with excitement and a lot of great moments. At the beginning of each new year, I love to go back and look at what all of you loved most from the previous year. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best sellers of 2002.

5 Piece Patio Set

This patio set from Walmart’s Better Home & Gardens line is the most popular item sold AGAIN and one of the best sellers for 2022. This is a great addition to your outdoor space and is perfect for entertaining or just lounging. It is easy to assemble and it does include covers for the furniture.

Bracelet Making Kit

This bracelet kit activity tower is a fun gift idea for kids. This kit keeps everything organized – no mess with beads all over the place – pure genius and thank you to the creators. This kit will make over 40 pieces of jewelry and can be easily transported to make jewelry if you are on the go. The girls got this as a gift for their 10th birthday and it has been used by all of us in the house.

Pre-Lit Flocked Garland

This garland from Target adds the right amount of natural wintery look and is the perfect addition to your holiday home decor. We like to use this set in several areas throughout our house. The snowflakes are so pretty and give a festive holiday look. For multiple years this has been one of the best sellers.

Sky Rocket Moji

This toy dog from Target is another fun gift idea for kids. The girls also received this for their 10th birthday and all 5 kids love playing with the dog. This adorable Labradoodle is like a real puppy. He enjoys doing all the things real puppies do – tricks, plays with the rope, sits, shakes and more. You may add this to your holiday gift ideas for next year.

Pop-It Puzzle

This is the ultimate pop-it IMO. It provides hours of fun. This may be one of Parker’s favorite “gadgets”. The fidget serves as a brainteaser and allows kids (or adults) to create several different jigsaw puzzles. This helps kids learn strategy and helps keep them entertained. I consider this another top item for a gift idea for kids or even as a fun stocking stuffer.

Sling Bag

If you don’t already have one of these crossbody bags from Pink Lily, you need to grab one (or 2). While it may look small, it does hold so much – even diapers and wipes. These are great gift ideas for her or a gift idea for teens. This sling bag comes in multiple color options and you can even swap out the straps. You can use my code AMBER20 on any purchase from Pink Lily for 20% off.

Kids Cups

These kids’ cups from Target are a must. These are strong, durable and reusable. One of you informed me these cups come with lids and it made me love this purchase even more. These cups are great for everyday use or would be nice to have for a birthday party.

High-Rise Shorts

Target’s lightweight high-rise shorts from the A New Day™ line were some of my favorites from this past summer. They do run a little big so you may want to consider sizing down. They come in multiple color options and patterns.

Faux Suede Boots

I have been wearing these boots from Old Navy non-stop since the temperatures dropped. I love the simplicity of the style and I find these suede boots really comfortable and warm. Given the price point compared to other brands, you may want to add all the color options to your cart.


You all know how much I love my Freepeople Jumper but I fell hard for this one from Target. I pull for it often and I loved the relaxed look and the square neck of this one. I wear it with a long sleeve top or one of the cropped bras. This jumpsuit is lightweight enough to wear even during the summer months.

There was no shortage of memorable moments from this year and thank you if you purchased anything from any of the links I posted this year. I’d love to hear what were some of your favorites.

Best Sellers of 2022 Roundup

Best Sellers of 2022

January 6, 2023


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